Sep 272010

While I’m here in San Francisco, in addition to teaching classes at Good Vibrations, providing a demo for Venus Playground at Folsom, and working on my book for Fascinations, I am also shooting two sets of couples for

Today’s shoot involved the always bubbly and sassy Courtney Trouble, as well as queer up and comer (pun totally intended) Jolene Parton. It was a super hot shoot, where Jolene strapped it on for the very first time ever, and Courtney went to town on Jolene with the Njoy Eleven. Hot hot hot! The whole shoot ended with lots of giggles, and a bit of mattress wrestling, and that was the tamest thing that happened.

I had a blast, and am looking forward to shooting Tina Horn and James Darling tomorrow. In the mean time, enjoy this picture of Courtney and Jolene from the beginning of the shoot.


Good Dyke Porn SF Shoot 1