Jun 212011

Do you like pancakes? Do you like building and supporting local community? Do you like working together to work against violence, particularly within and against the LGBTQ community?


July 9th, from 9:30-11:30 am, at East High School in Denver, is the 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast, put on by the Colorado Anti-Violence Program. CAVP is the ONLY organization in Colorado dedicated solely to work on stopping violence inside and against the LGBTQ community. How awesome is that cause?

You get ALL YOU CAN EAT vegan pancakes (which, even if you’re not vegan, and freaking delicious!), plus the opportunity to hang out with local celebrity servers (like my sweet self), meet new like-minded folks, reach out and be a part of the activist community and much much more! Tickets are on a sliding scale of $5-$25 (pay what you can afford), and kids under 8 are free! I really hope to see you there, supporting such a fabulous organization and important cause.