Jan 052011

Hey Folks,

I’m off yet again to Las Vegas. At this time last year, I had never been…and now this is my fourth trip there! Interesting what living in the Southwest and being part of the adult industry can entail.

The Adult Entertainment Expo and Adult Novelty Expo is a change for a) porn stars and fans to meet, take pictures, etc, and b) for toy companies to show their stuff off to retailers (like myself and Fascinations). Often times, new sex toys are rolled out for this show, so I’m really excited for it. Then on Saturday is the AVN Awards show, think like the Oscars of porn. Many of my friends and some people I’ve worked with before are nominated, so I’m excited to be able to go and see them. Plus, lots of awesome sex positive people will be attending, like staff/owners from The Tool Shed, Self Serve, Smitten Kitten, Good Vibrations, Babeland and more, as well as some rocking sex educators like Jamye Waxman. It looks to be a great year for sex positivity at the AVN/AEE!

If you’ll be in Vegas for this and would like to meet up, go ahead and contact me, and I’ll see when we can schedule some time. I wish everyone safe travels, and I’ll see you back in AZ on Sunday!