Dec 222010


Is it normal for a guy to bleed during a blow job?


For the most part, no. Can it happen? Certainly. Skin on the penis (and definitely on the scrotum covering the testicles) is pretty hardy, but can get nicked by teeth, braces, etc. If it happens once and is just a little blood, make sure to clean it, move onto a different activity, let it heal, and be careful with sharp objects in the future. However, if it continues to happen, or is accompanied by sores, bleeding from the urethra (the “pee-hole”), pain, etc — go to the doctor. Of course, if it is severe bleeding that you cannot stop, it’s time to hop over the ER and have it checked out right away.

If you or your partner did in fact nick it with teeth, nails, etc, it’s ok. Sex mishaps happen all the time. Clean up, hug a little, and definitely laugh about it.

Hope that helps,


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