Nov 082012

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I recently had some of my sex tips published, along side sex educators Megan Andelloux and Sadie Allison, in the November issue of Cosmo.

Unfortunately, that issue is already off shelves. Luckily, a friend scanned her copy for me, so if you’d like to check out some of our ideas on how to please your partner (let’s be real – this is Cosmo…so how to please a man) with your mouth, outside of “give him a blow job,” you can click on the pictures below. If you want to check out other Cosmo tips, check out their sex advice section. You can also read my sexuality advice column over at Out Front Colorado.

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Cosmo Sex Tips p170

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Cosmo Sex Tips p171

Cosmo Sex Tips p171

Oct 182010

I love Colorado. Despite getting sick, I had a wonderful trip full of crisp air, leaves changing colors, vegan seitan wings, pumpkin ripple fudge ice cream, delicious veg-friendly Mexican food and more, as well as some great talks with people in the kink, queer and sex positive communities. I always feel so much at home in Denver, and can’t wait to be returning there next Spring with my partner.

And now, it’s back to the grind. Catching up on work for Fascinations, facilitating my American Medical Association’s Sexual Health Scholars group with Justine Shuey, teaching at Arizona State University, and Paradise Valley Community College, and getting my radio show (on 1100 KNFX, Thursdays at 4pm) off the ground. And that’s all just this week!

I’m booking now for Spring 2011, and still taking new clients for my sex and relationship coaching. Hope to hear from you!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying being back with my partner and our kitties, other pumpkin tastiness, and trying to get well again.


May 082010

I’ve seen this posting/call for workshops/etc around on a few blogs, and I thought I’d pass it on to anyone who might be interested. Enjoy!


Next year we’ll have the second full sized Butch Voices conference to participate in, this year we have four regional conferences.

Subject: Butch Voices 2010 Regional Conferences: Call for Submissions

BUTCH Voices is a national organization composed of social justice activists who share a commitment to building inclusive community for self-identified Butches, Studs, Tombois, Machas, Aggressives, our partners and allies.

This year we will be holding BUTCH Voices Regional Conferences in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles & Portland. We invite you to join us for workshops, panels, and performances intended to celebrate our diverse identities.

BUTCH Voices Dallas – June 5, 2010 – contact –

BUTCH Voices NYC – September 25, 2010 – contact –

BUTCH Voices Portland – October 2, 2010 – contact –

BUTCH Voices LA – October 9, 2010 – contact –

These regional conferences will be an amazing opportunity to create local and regional community awareness, to share butch voices, and critical thinking about who we are. BUTCH Voices Regional Conferences are a place to: talk about why we identify in the ways we do, learn how to tell our stories, address femininity, masculinity, discuss areas of overlap and intersection that are none of the above. We will talk about sex, embodiment, community building, our physical and mental health, and issues that stand in the way of Butch-identified solidarity and justice. Most importantly, BUTCH Voices is the place where we can be ourselves with one another.

This is our Call for Submissions. We welcome workshop ideas of all kinds, films, performances, skill shares, especially on topics which speak to the cultural, sexual, emotional, physical, and psychological relationships that arise in the lives of Butches, Studs, Tombois, Aggressives, Machas, etc. We are open to all perspectives–queer, feminist, womanist, neither or beyond! We particularly encourage proposals by and for people-over sixty, under twenty-one, working-class, and people of color or persons with disabilities.

Deadline for Submissions for BUTCH Voices Dallas is May 15, 2010 and for the other three Regional Conferences is August 1, 2010. Please submit your proposal or abstract to the corresponding Regional Conference (email addresses listed above) in which you wish to present along with a short bio of yourself and any other presenter.

Please forward this widely to all who may be interested in participating.
Thank you,
BUTCH Voices

Please forward this widely to all who may be interested in participating.Thank you,BUTCH Voices

Apr 122010

This is cross posted from my other blog, but I feel that it is incredibly important for people every where to read things like this, and to stand up against hate, against stigmatism, against the ridiculous accusations and name call that is loaded onto us by people who claim to be “academics.” It is high time that we stand up against this, that we stand together as a sex positive, inclusive, caring community, and show them that their taunts, their accusations, their hate mongering and their anger have no place here.

One of our “own,” a fierce warrior of sex positivity and transparency, has been attacked by Donna M. Hughes and Margaret Brooks. Maymay, a sex blogger/educator/geek/rockstar/podcaster/etc has come under fire from two people who have also attached Kink for All Providence, the lovely Oh Megan, and many more. I will not link to their original bulletin (which they sent forth to hundreds if not thousands of people), but you can read what Maymay said about the attack here, and about furthering dialogue instead of just throwing stones and insults at each other.

We must stand up for ourselves, and for each other every single day. I lovingly and jokingly (sometimes) refer to myself as a professional pervert, but while I have reclaimed that word, many of us (people who work towards sex positivity; bloggers, educators, authors, etc) have it hurled at us in a negative context on a very regular basis. Whether we teach online, at Planned Parenthood, in a public school, a private school, workshops, through hosing unconferences, etc, we have to fight for the right to be seen as true educators, people teaching a needed or even just “legit” subject.

So when one of us is attacked, whether it is online or in real life, whether we’re being called a pervert or a pedophile or a whore or the anti-christ, we are all being attacked. We are being told that sexuality education is harmful, that we are wrong to want people to be educated and open and have happy sex lives (whether vanilla or kinky, monogamous or not). We are ALL being attacked.

Ergo, I stand up for sexuality education, I stand up for sex positivity, I stand up for the free discussion of sexuality amoungst all people. I am not a pedophile or the anti-christ. I am just someone that believes in equal rights and understanding and education regarding healthy sexuality for ALL people. I stand against the creepy pervert stigma. I stand here, wearing my leopard print and polka dots, taking sexuality OUT of the dark, OUT for the closet, putting it forth for people to see, discuss, talk about, question, understand and more.

I stand in solidarity with Maymay, and with all the other sex positive people who have been stigmatize, and persecuted, and hated on just for wanted to bring open-ness and discussion regarding healthy sexuality to all people.

Stand up against stigma. Speak out. The more we bring forth sexuality in a positive light, and stand together in solidarity, the less slander, libel, hated, threats, name calling and more can affect us.

My name is Shanna Katz. I am a proptent of sex positivity and accessible sexuality education for all. Do not think to shame me. I support others like me, and those I disagree with as well. I support the freedom of speech and the freedom of sex educaton. I stand up for sexuality.

Also, Viviane wrote an excellent post on this as well over at the Sex Carnival. Aida Manduley, the student at Brown who was instrumental in organizing Kink for All Providence also wrote a piece here about the event and speaking up for herself and sexuality.

Feb 162010

Last week, Fox News 10 ran a story on Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder as part of a story on a drug trial in Phoenix that is looking to find a cure for lower sexual arousal in women.  They called Fascinations for some info, and were kind enough to let me speak as the Resident Sex Educator.

I was really impressed that they had such a sex positive spin on it, and let me talk about there is more than just sex to sexuality, but also connection, communication, intimacy, etc.

So good job Fox for putting on such an all inclusive and fairly sex positive segment, and for not cutting me to sound like an idiot. Color me impressed!

Click here to see the short video spot.

Feb 102010

The American Psychiatric Association just released a list of proposed changes for sexual and gender identity disorders for the DSM-5, and are looking for feedback.  I’m still not sure how I feel about things, but I think it’s important that everyone concerned with sexuality (gender, BDSM, trans, hyper sexual arousal, pain disorders, hypo active sexual desire, etc) check this out and see what they think, and give a reponse.

Please click here to see proposed changes.


Some thoughts.

*I like putting hypo active sexual desire disorder under female arousal disorder and male arousal disorder. The previous version was too male-centric.

*I like changing gender identity disorder to gender incongruence, as it is NOT in any way a disorder, but it is often a body disphoria, and if it remains in some way in the DSM, transfolk will have a slightly easier time getting insurance to pay for therapy, and possibly hormones and surgery.

*I DO NOT like the definition of hyper sexual disorder. Basically, everyone with a healthy sexuality, who thinks about sex and has sexual fantasies, and plans romantic interludes, falls into this disorder.  That, in my mind, is ridiculous.

*I do not understand the new concept of adding “disorder” to sexual masochism, sexual sadism, transvestism, fetishism, etc. Can someone please explain to me how this changes things?