Mar 062010

I’ve been putting together some new workshops, and updating some old ones, so please check out my workshop listings page to see what I now offer. If you’d like to have me speak/present somewhere near you, remember I’m open to working with centers (sex positive, LGBTQ, feminist, etc), toy stores, colleges, universities and so on. I’m happy to work with people about how to get me somewhere in the most affordable manner. I don’t need fancy hotels (although those are always nice), and am able to work to find the cheapest transit possible.

In other news, I’ll be at Brown University in Rhode Island for Sex Week on March 15th and 16th.  I’ll put up more info about times and locations when I get it.

April 1-4th, I’ll be in New York, and am looking for a place (or places) to present classes/workshops.  If you know of anything, I’d love to get in touch.

I’ll be doing a radio interview soon for Blowfish; I’ll be sure to post a link when their podcast goes live.

Tomorrow night, Sunday, March 7th, I’ll be doing a live internet radio show called Kink on Tap with fellow guest Sarah Sloane, who is one of the coolest sex educators/writers/consultants/awesome people out there.  Make sure you tune in, but if you miss it, it’ll be available in a few days.