Jul 012013

I am so excited to finally be able to release this list of sex positive professionals in Colorado!

Not a week goes by that I am not asked, either online or in person, to refer someone to a trans or queer inclusive therapist, a poly aware relationship counselor, a doctor or massage therapist that will understand about cane marks or other kink bruises, etc. While I have always been able to suggest one or two people that may fit these needs, I realized the huge need here in Colorado for an inclusive list of medical professionals, mental health workers, alternative health practitioners and other professionals (hair stylists, lawyers, tattoo artists, etc) that are knowledgeable about and willing to work with queer folks, trans* folks, kinky folks and folks in poly relationships.

With the help of my intern Rebecca, I have worked to create such a list. The goal is to be able to update it monthly as other professionals wish to be added, or move out of state, or become more aware of how to support certain communities. The list currently features professionals who have self selected to be on the list, or who advertise as or are known for supporting these communities. Moreover, it especially features professionals who offer sliding scale services, working to provide sex positive services in a more accessible manner to those who may not be able to afford full prices.

Without any further ado, let me point to you this list of fabulous Colorado professionals who identify as sex positive service providers.

If you wish to be on this list, or know someone does, please contact me with your name, your business name, contact info (address, phone, email, website), the services you provide, whether your are queer/trans/kink/poly friendly, the cost of your services, and whether or not you offer sliding scale as an option.

Apr 282013
 At present, we (myself and my intern Rebecca) are compiling a list of Colorado business providers that are friendly to individuals who identify as Kinky, Queer, Polyamorous, and/or Transgender.  Although there are networks in existence that aid in finding nondiscriminatory providers, there remains a need for a comprehensive and accessible list so that individuals who identify as any or all of the above along with their allies may make educated decisions about their service providers.  receive the services they deserve  or individuals who are allies to the queer community may get the services they need and/or make educated decisions about their service providers.  This list aims to fill that need.
If you or your business would like to join our growing list of Kinky, Queer, Polyamorous, and Transgender friendly organizations here in Colorado, we would love to have you on the list. It is open to all type of providers; medical, mediators, therapists, massage therapist, lawyers, etc.
If this is of interest the information we will need from you is listed below.
Information we need from YOU:
1. The service you provide.
2. Your name and/or organization, plus contact information.
3. Your specialties.
4. Pricing.  Please note we will be highlighting individuals who offer sliding scale services.  Please let us know if that is indeed the case.
5. Any other information.
Please send the above information to rebeccaberen @ gmail. com to be included.
-Shanna and Rebecca

**If you are a M.D., Counselor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and/or Massage Therapist please let us know which of the above four populations you are most comfortable/experience working with.  If you are comfortable working with all four populations, then list all four.  The reason we would like to know this is because your profession often brings you into contact with the patient in a more physically intimate way than the majority of other professions.  Because this is the case, individuals may wish to take special care when selecting a provider in this field.

Mar 142011

Hey folks!

Now that I am back in Denver and getting a little bit more settled, I wanted to let you know that I am now offering my services in Denver, the surrounding areas, and even Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Pueblo and more as needed!

What kind of services do I offer?

Sex Coaching and Relationship Counseling

What does this mean? All relationships need communication, and whether you and your partner(s) have been together two weeks, two years or two decades, sometimes it can help to have someone to listen, give advice and assign fun homework. Your relationship doesn’t have to be rocky to come see me. Couples (and triads, groups, etc) have seen me about everything from trying new sexual activities, adding more romance, getting back in the sexual groove after years together/after having kids/after illness, exploring orientations or other aspects of sexuality, reigniting that spark, looking into swinging/non-monogamy, etc. This is certainly not an exhaustive list!

Perhaps you’re currently single, or in a relationship and would like to see me one on one. Also completely fine! We’ll talk about flirting skills, exploring your sexuality, being open to new experiences, figuring out what it is that you’re actually looking for, working through past relationships/trauma and more.

I am open to talking with people (18+) about the spectrum of sexuality, relationships and sexual activity. I’m kink friendly, poly friendly, LGBTQ inclusive/friendly, and am non-judgmental. If I don’t have the answer(s) or ability to help, I’m happy to research for you, or refer you to someone I think better for helping you out. All of this is done on a sliding scale; please pay what you can afford to help me continue to be able to provide these services to people of all financial levels. Just contact me to schedule a time. Not in CO? I’m happy to provide these services over Skype as well.

Private Classes

Want to thrill your friends with a blow job class? Interesting in hosting a pussy love party? Want to share the experience of learning about sex toys with friends and loved ones? All of this can happen if you book me for a private class. Any and all of my workshops, kink classes and college presentations are available for private classes, and I’m always happy to create new ones as well. Whether it is just you and your lover, or a gals night in, or queer brunch, or the monthly munch for your group, I’m excited to share my take on sexuality with you and yours. Please contact me about scheduling such an event! I also do sex-positive sex toy parties with only body-friendly toys.

Looking forward to meeting you and exploring the huge spectrum of sexuality together!