Sep 012010

As many of you know, I’m a sexuality educator, presenting workshops on sexuality, classes on relationships, discussions on identities, and much more. One of my favorite discussions to have is a lecture/discussion I do on feminist and ethical pornography. Why? Because I believe there is indeed such a thing, and as of late, have been working on becoming a pornographer, a maker of hot, ethical porn.

What does that mean? I means including people of a variety of orientations (although I tend to shoot more for sites that are queer specific), varying gender identities and presentations, various ages, sizes, and ability levels, and people of color. That one is hard, because despite all of my searching, I’ve yet to find a person of color wanting to shoot for me that happens to be in the same area…however, I am aware of this need, and will continue to try and keep diversity of all sorts in the porn I make.

Also very important to me is that there is a real connections between the stars. What does this mean? Well, sometimes, it’s a connection, a chemistry, a hotness that just happens. I seem to be like the Yente of queer porn — the people I put together for scenes tend to have really really hot chemistry, just like that. Other times, it’s filming real life couples.

In the case for, I filmed a real life couple, Dani Starr and Dylan Starr, a cute set of Butch/Femme dykes, and encouraged them to have the sex that THEY liked, that THEY thought was hot and sexy and fulfilling to them. The result? An extremely hot and sexual scene with lots of connection, lots of fun, and of course, lots of sex play.

Bren Ryder, owner of GoodDykePorn, wrote a wonderful post about this scene, and I wanted to share it with you. I’m so glad the two of us see eye to eye on real-ness, and how scenes should be shot — I always make sure to include lots of shots of facial expressions, in addition to interesting angles, and of course, the occasional close ups.

As a side note, I’ll be filming more this fall for GDP, and am looking for real people (no experience needed, no size/age/etc requirements) who’d like to shoot for me/GDP, particularly in Arizona, New York or San Francisco. Interested? Contact me!