Nov 082012

For those who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I recently had some of my sex tips published, along side sex educators Megan Andelloux and Sadie Allison, in the November issue of Cosmo.

Unfortunately, that issue is already off shelves. Luckily, a friend scanned her copy for me, so if you’d like to check out some of our ideas on how to please your partner (let’s be real – this is Cosmo…so how to please a man) with your mouth, outside of “give him a blow job,” you can click on the pictures below. If you want to check out other Cosmo tips, check out their sex advice section. You can also read my sexuality advice column over at Out Front Colorado.

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Cosmo Sex Tips p170

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Cosmo Sex Tips p171

Cosmo Sex Tips p171

May 012012

Proud to say that according to and their list of the top 100 Sex, Love and Dating blogs, I’ve been selected as number 29. I’m in good company with Abiola, Scarleteen, Cosmo and more.  What they had to say:

Great sex and relationship blogs are a dime a dozen on the internet, but blogs with written by a qualified sex professional with the same level of sass and realness are rare. Check out Shanna Katz’s website for a high-caliber sex blog written by a woman who knows her stuff. Armed with a master’s degree in human sexuality, Ms. Katz is a Board Certified Sexologist who provides savvy sex education workshops, sex coaching and relationship counseling to the masses by day. But by night, she spreads her sex knowledge in her personal blog that includes Q-and-A sections, insightful pro-sex articles, book reviews and more.
According to a conversation on Twitter, they said they liked how I geared my answers towards all sorts of people, being inclusive of gender, sexes, identities, orientations and more.
To me, this is success. Not being chosen for the list per se, but having people tell me that they notice how accessible the sex education I provide is, and how many people can get use of it.
Win for Shanna Katz.