Feb 092013

People frequently ask me which sex toy stores I recommend to them. Lucky for everyone, I’ve been working on compiling a whole list of awesome toy stores that are feminist owned, or woman owned, or have a stated commitment to sex positivity.

Said list of awesome sex toys stores with body friendly items can be found here.

Am I missing anyone? Let me know, and I’ll add them pending me checking them out. While Amazon has its time and place, I would much rather you support your local sex toy stores and sexuality resource centers (and local bookstores!) over a large site like that. Buying a dildo from a big fancy site? Not a big deal for one dildo. Buying a dildo from a locally owned store? That is an investment in increasing sex positivity in our community. Which sounds more exciting? I thought so.

Enjoy the list, and enjoy your savvy sex toy shopping.


  2 Responses to “Your Friendly Neighborhood Sex Toy Store”

  1. Mmmm….why not just start and end at “sex positive” ?

  2. Because some stores identify as feminist owned, and might not use the term sex positive. I want to be respectful of everyone’s choice of identity.

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