Mar 142012

My partner and I are heading to Momentum at the end of the month to present one of our favorite co-lead workshops; Check Yourself — Recognizing Privilege in a Sex Ed Context. We’re really looking forward to the event — we just found out that Jocelyn Elders (yes, the “masturbation is ok and healthy” Dr Elders) will be on the closing keynote panel. Many of my favorite people in the sexuality industry will be there as well; educators, authors, manufacturers, sex workers, activists and more.

If you’ll be there, please come chat me up! Often times at events, I meet people on the way out who say “wow, I didn’t realize you’d actually want to talk to me” and at that point, I really do, but we’re heading to the airport. If you’ll be at Momentum, I absolutely want to meet you, get to know you and have sexy nerdy talk, so stop by and say hi.

Can’t wait for all the sex geekery this weekend will provide. Hope to see you there!


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