Mar 292011

Hey folks –

I’m finally settling into our home here in Denver, from unpacking my multitudes of books into my library to getting my office set up for sex coaching and relationship clients to spending far too much time pining after seitan buffalo wings from City O City and Watercourse Foods.

But before I slow down my travel, I’ll be rocking out in the Washington DC area this weekend. First, I’ll be spending all of Saturday and Sunday days at Momentum Conference – check it out at With speakers from Carol Queen, Susie Bright and Tristan Taormino to Megan Andelloux, Reid Mihalko and Princess Kali (plus about another 45 speakers and panelists), it’s going to be an AMAZING sex positive event with great classes and panels. I’m teaching One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Intersections of Identities, and then am on three panels, about ethical in sex writing, choosing to be out or anonymous as a blogger, and being a feminist in the adult industry. I cannot wait!

Then, on Sunday evening, I’m presenting a class at Sugar, Baltimore’s feminist and woman/trans run amazing sex positive toy store. Info below:

Workshop at Sugar the Shop

Baltimore, MD

Date: April 3rd


Right Foot Red, Left Hand Lube: Sex Positions for Everyone
Forget the Kama Sutra and Tantra.  Leave your sex swing at home.  This workshop is on sex positions that anyone can do; no fancy hardware or spiritual revelations needed. We’ll talk about everything from Missionary to Froggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl to the Sneaky Vampire. Want a threesome? Got positions for that.  Have arthritis? We’ve got positions for that. Ready to integrate sex toys into the bedroom (or shower, or car)? Check. Bring your favorite position in mind, and be ready to try out new positions (with clothes on) as we sex-plore our way through the endless types of positions available to us. Open to singles, couples and more-somes, and people of all gender and orientations.

Hope to see you there!


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