May 182010

Hey you –

Are you in Portland, or the surrounding area?

Come see my FREE workshop tomorrow night.

The details:

Title: Let’s Talk Sex — Navigating Love: Relationship Mapping

Place: Fascinations
9515 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
Time: 7pm

Date: Thursday, May 20th

Cost: FREE


A basic training with resident sexuality educator Shanna Katz, M.Ed (that’s me!) on the basic types of relationships that people have (primary, secondary and tertiary) in their lives, how we can map them, patterns to look for, and what we can get out of these maps when we try to balance life, love, friends, work and more. Also, we’ll talk about polyamory/non-monogamy – its various facets, how to get into it, whether or not it is for you, and most importantly, how we can make it work when there are more than two people involved.

Food and drink will be served, and a free raffle will take place!

This class is in the series of Let’s Talk Sex workshops put on by Fascinations. Like other workshops in this series, they are all free, and 18+.

All attendees will get a FREE $10 gift card to Fascinations, just for showing up!

Apr 302010

This past weekend, I got to teach a bunch of Fascinations staff members in the Phoenix area. Every month or every other month, our staff gets sexuality education and product knowledge training in both Denver and Phoenix, and this month I got an hour to talk about whatever I wanted before JimmyJane and System Jo got to talk to them about new products.

So what did I talk about? Well, the Spareparts Joque harness for sure; how it’s comfy, size friendly, machine washable, great for guys with ED and more. And about Maximus, how it’s glycerin free, water based, and so thick…it’s great for hand jobs, anal, fisting, and more, as well as vaginal intercourse.

But then, we talked about sex and disability, and how to help customers with disabilities get what they need and treat them in the best manner possible. And we talked about kink people coming in, and how to work with them, and learned some language around that. Then we talked about gender identity, and while most people were right there with me, many people learned something new.

Then Monday, when I came into the office, my email had tons of notes thanking me for doing such a great workshop, how they’d love to learn more, that they’d want an all morning seminar JUST on sexuality and disability, and some asked for my list of books, sites, and other resources.

I am SO happy people care. People learn, and bring it back to their stores, to their customers, and pay it forward.  And how much more joy can you get than that?

THIS is one of the many reasons why I do what I do, even though it’s not a 40 hours a week job, nor am I making the big buck. I do it because teaching about sexuality provides so much joy…for me, for my students, and for everyone it touches.


Feb 212010

Hey all!

I’m heading out to one of my favorite cities this week; beautiful San Francisco. While out there, I’ll be presenting not one, not two, not even three, but four classes/workshops AND I’ll be reading erotica with the lovely Rita Seagrave and dashing Patrick Califia.

What’s the 411 on what’s going on? Well, you can always check my schedule, but I’ll break it down for you here as well.

February 25th – I’ll be at the Center for Sex and Culture talking about Relationship Mapping and Poly 101.  Click here to get more info.

February 26th – I’ll be presening my famous Vaginal Fisting for One and All at the CSC. Click here to get more info.

February 27th – Today is a busy day, as I’m part of Sizzle at Femina Potens. At 2pm, I’m talking about BDSM 101 (click here for info/tickets). At 4pm, I’m presenting Sexability, about sex and dis/ability (click here for info/tickets). Then at 8pm, I’m reading erotica (click here to get info/tickets).

There you go folks; 5 opportunities to come learn, chat, grown and talk about sex with me. I’ll be available after each class/workshop to talk more one and one, and I certainly hope to see many of you (of those in the Bay Area) at one or more of these events!

Jan 272010

As you browse through my site, you can check out all the workshops, classes, trainings, lectures and more that I offer. Some of them are more popular than others (Vaginal Fisting for One and All is usually standing room only, and Relationship Mapping/Poly 101 almost always sells out), but I do love putting on all of them.

However, I’m always open to ideas, suggestions, feedback and more.  What type of classes/workshops would you like to see me offer? What don’t I teach that I should, and what do I teach that I should try and do more?

Also, where would you like to see me? I currently am scheduled for classes/workshops in both Phoenix and San Francisco, and will probably present in Seattle in May and Denver in July. If you’d like me to come to a place near you, any suggestions for places I can teach/present?

Thanks all for you help and suggestions, in advance of course!