Sep 232010

I bet you didn’t know that today was Sexual Freedom Day. It’s not pre-printed on calendars, and it doesn’t have a color of ribbon. Why?

Because although sexual freedom day is in fact today, sexual freedom should be part of everyone’s life all the time. It is innately a human right, although it certainly is not treated as one.

National Sexual Freedom Day

Sexual freedom affects me often as an educator. I’ve had workshops on safer sex in college dorms (that I’ve offered to do pro-bono) turned down or canceled last minute because the topic of sex, even in a safer sex context, is “inappropriate” for college students. Someone is saying that these students, who are almost all 18 or over, will not have complete access to safer sex information because some random person or committee has decided that it is “inappropriate.” Let me tell you, the number of college students who are sexually active, and have never seen a dam or know how to use one, or who never thought about using a condom for fellatio or anal intercourse is staggering. Wouldn’t you say that they have the human right to know how to protect themselves and their bodies? And keep in mind, these are COLLEGE students.

Don’t get me started on sex education in middle and high schools. Some schools have shelved it completely, and many went to abstinence only education under the last administration. Some schools barely touched on puberty, and almost NO sex education programs cover identities; like LGTBQ, embracing sexuality with disability, asexuality, gender variance, etc. Basically, we’re telling all of these students that their identity, that their body changes, that their wants and needs are taboo, and that they don’t have the human right to get to learn about themselves, about who they are.

People can be turned away from housing in most states because of their gender presentation/identity, and sometimes their orientation. There goes the human right to have shelter. In more states than I care to list, people can be fired for being gay/lesbian/queer/bi, and in even more states, they can be fired for being trans, genderqueer, androgynous, etc. I’m sorry, but that is ridiculous. We chastise people for not having jobs, for being on unemployment…but then we don’t protect their right to work? Seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

And the right to health care of some sort? Ha. I have domestic partner benefits through my partner…which are currently up in the air, because the state we live in voted to remove DP benefits from state employees. Luckily, a judge halted it before it went through, but there still is no final decision on that. Many workers through out the US don’t get DP benefits — some don’t get partner benefit, and others don’t get benefits at all. Being able to have a yearly check up, to choose what type of birth control/contraception (if any) that you would like to use — THAT is part of sexual freedom. Being denied benefits because of your sexual orientation? A flagrant violation of sexual freedom.

There is so much more. We could talk about adoption rights, we could talk about the right of a woman giving birth to be able to choose a midwife, a doula, or even just vaginal birth over a C-section. We could talk about bloggers losing their jobs, or being terrified of that happening. Of kinksters living their lives in closets. Of transgender and genderqueer people who live every day in fear because the huge amount of violence that has been wrought against their community.

Sexual freedom, and often the lack thereof, is everywhere. If you don’t think it affects you, think again.


What does sexual freedom mean to you? What does it look like as a human right? And what can we do to support sexual freedom?

Thanks to The Woodhull Foundation for putting together this Sexual Freedom Blog Carnival.  Check out the Woodhull Foundation and their work towards increased sexual freedom.

Sep 172010

Hey all!

If you’re in NY, or any of the surrounding areas, or want to meet a bunch of sex bloggers, sexuality educators, porn stars and more, all in one place at one time (while supporting sexual freedom), then read on. Well, read on any ways.  I’m one of the calendar models this year — here is a picture from my shoot (although not one IN the calendar):

Sex Blogger Calendar Shanna Katz

Photo Credit: Marty Carstens

Hope to get to meet you in NYC!


New York, NY (September 10, 2010) – Tied Up Events enlisted a group of the most dynamic online sex-positive writers, models and porn stars from across the nation and Canada, along with a stellar group of photographers to create the 3rd Annual New York Sex Blogger 2011 Limited Edition Calendar.

This year’s calendar will raise funds to support Woodhull Freedom Foundation. Woodhull is a national organization whose mission is to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Woodhull envisions a world that recognizes sexual freedom as the fundamental human right of all individuals to develop and express their unique sexuality; to be personally autonomous with regard to bodily integrity and expression; and to enjoy sexual dignity, privacy and consensual sexual expression without societal or governmental interference, coercion or stigmatization.

Woodhull is dedicated to expanding the national dialog around sex and sexuality and to being the resolute national voice that consistently raises the interconnections between various identities, communities, and the issue of sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Portraying Visions of Sexual Freedom in the calendar are Bad Bad Girl, Brandon B, Coy Pink, Dangerous Lilly, Essin’ Em, Gloria Brame, Jiz Lee, Lillith Grey, Luna, Matthew Lawrence, Max Lagos, Mollena Williams, Nina Hartley, Radical Vixen, Sadie Smythe and Sovereign Syre. A full biography of each calendar model is available at

The calendar launch party will be held on Friday, October 1st, 2010, at Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St, NYC, from 6:30 – 9:30.  Not only is the party free but the first 200 guests will receive FREE gift bags stuffed with $10 gift certificates from Fascinations, fun items from, Pearl Drop vibes from Good Vibrations, cock rings from Professor Oni and Sugar and Crystal Delights, free porn cards from Hot Movies for Her, pens and a special surprise from Whore Magazine, Eros Lube courtesy of Tabu Toys, a coupon for a free vibrator from Pleasure Chest and much more.

One of the highlights of our parties has always been our raffle with its phenomenal prize packages and this year is no different.  Our sexy raffle prizes include the ultimate sex toy – the Njoy Eleven, an erotica libraries donated by Alison Tyler for Pretty Things Press and by Cleis Press, photo shoots by several notable photographers including JM Darling, a bible purse and three year membership from Kink Academy, a rope kit and gift certificates from Maui Kink, a gift bag full of hand-made sensual goodies from Williamburg’s Shag, a leather collar, cuffs, leash, flogger and sexy t-shirt from Stockroom, romance baskets from My Pleasure, OhMiBod and, a silky, sensual Lelo blindfold and Evolved vibrator from Tabu Toys, two (2) all access passes to Cinekink, the kinky film festival, a gift basket from Good Vibes, and, because our generous supporters keep adding items every day, more.

Our party would not be a Tied Up Events production without some sensationally sexy performances.  Produced by NYC’s one and only, N, of Crimson Kitty Productions and Auralfixia, there will be spoken performances by Carol Queen, Nina Hartley and Dylan Ryan, sensual belly dance by Luna and burlesque performed by Lillith Grey of Gloryhole Girls and, of course, N.  Go-go dancers will also be weaving and shimmying their way through the crowd.  Also featured will be Professor Oni,  the founder of Lifestyle Images and the first and only “Endorphin Engineer” brings his Bakushi (Japanese Rope Bondage Artist) talents to the party in a unique “Decorative Micro Bondage Salon”.  Using rope as fine as 1mm in diameter, he creates custom designs on hands, feet, bodies and even hair.  This bondage is not for restraint, but rather for relishing and releasing  the beauty within and without each and every body

If you are unable to attend the launch party, you can still buy your limited edition copy of the calendar directly through the Sex Blogger Calendar website.

About the NYC Sex Blogger 2011 Limited Edition Calendar:
For the latest news, a complete list of bios of each sex blogger featured in the calendar, our sponsors, and our Community of friends, please visit the NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Website (