Oct 302010

I found this site, and I think it’s amusing. The first time I set eyes on it, I wasn’t sure if it was people trying to be serious (the whole “Republican” in the site name  made me wary), but once I started watching them, I was quite a bit amused. Why? Because some of these shorts are actually exactly like some conversations I’ve had with more conservatives about evolution, watching pornography, erectile dysfunction, orientation and more. Now, not all Republicans share these beliefs, but it’s far time we had some witty parody on it.

Watch and be amused.


Political Satire Uses Marriage and Sex Advice to Pokes Fun At Republican Views

Award-Winning Filmmaker Frames the Absurdity of the Republicans this Election Season.

Brooklyn, NY — Elliot Greenebaum, award-winning filmmaker has released a 20 part video series spoofing the attitudes of Republicans in “Republican Sex And Marriage Advice.”

“The Progressive movement seems to have lost the energy it had two years ago,” Greenebaum says. “I’m trying to remind people that being progressive can
be cool.” Reminiscent of SNL Digital Shorts but in his own unusual voice, Greenebaum shines light on the emptiness and seeming “impotence” of the Republican agenda.
The show features a fictional Republican businessman, Chip Womack, who strides confidently and crazily into the world of contemporary sex and marriage
problems. In doing so, Greenebaum captures the chauvinism, misguided logic, and well-to-do attitude often characteristic of the Republican party.

“People like Glenn Beck have learned to exploit our most sublime emotions in order to pedal extremely hollow positions,” says Greenebaum. “I am simply trying
to use humor to help unify the tribe.” Greenebaum hopes that this series will re-focus the political dialogue and pressure candidates and the public to gravitate towards honest conversation.

“I think there’s a cultural need right now for something like this,” says Greenebaum. “Something out of the box and not toxic-feeling like political satire tends to be. Simply watching a crazy character overpower his guests seems to capture my frustration with the Republicans more accurately than straightforward political content would.”

A bevy of heavy hitter sites such as Huffinton Post and the Guardian have featured Republican Sex and Marriage Advice shorts, and Dan Savage has also written a bit about this interesting take on stirring up the progressive movement. The momentum has also extended to the Facebook page and twitter profile (@RSMAshow) as well

“Republican Sex And Marriage Advice” was produced in Kentucky where Greenebaum grew up.


Elliot Greenebaum’s 2005 movie, Assisted Living, won the Grand Jury Prize at Slamdance and shed light (often humorously) on the world of nursing care in America. His film had the highest opening per-screen weekend box office in New York on the weekend it opened and was covered on The Charlie Rose Show, New York Times Magazine, and NPR. In 2008 Greenebaum created a political consultancy and made TV ads for two US Senate races and advocacy groups like Rock-The-Vote. Much of the emphasis of his work centered around the problematic of how to bring new forms of media to urban and youth voters who are totally averse to and unmoved by the generic slide-show style TV ads
generated by traditional political consultants.

Oct 082010

Hello all,

I’m absolutely positive that you have heard of, in some way or some form, of the tragedy of multiple suicides by youth who were the victims of anti-LGBTQ bullying. Notice I don’t say the “gay suicides” — regardless of gender or orientation, NO ONE should have to deal with being bullied. Who are we to assume their identities? And when we say gay or LGBTQ in front of suicides, it depersonalizes them, puts them in a grouping, and takes the blame away from the bullies.

Below is a video from me. It’s part of both the It Gets Better project, as well as the Make It Better Project (LGBTQ youth empowerment). I think it is incredibly important to also give these youth the power to educate, find allies, build communities, and stop the bullying, in addition to reminding them that it almost always gets better, and that we need them to survive in order to beat the homophobia and transphobia, and create a better world for the entire community.

I’m not very erudite in this clip. I didn’t have a script, I messed up a few times, I’m awkward and the angle is off, and I mess up what I meant to say at one point. However, it is 100% from the heart. I hope that it touches at least one person, or at the very least, touches you enough to make your own video, or to volunteer in your community, or donate money, or support these projects that help support and empower youth. It is high time that the climate changed, and I’m not talking about global warming.


Other resources:
Trevor Project

Oct 072010

Many people are talking about the It Gets Better campaign. I myself am filming a video for it. I think that it is a fine project, and support all of those contributing to it.

However, I think that it is also important to create change in the schools now, rather than just put a band aid on it until they grow up. BOTH are important messages. There is another organization now called the Make It Better Project, which is using social media, videos, the web and more to empower youth to create change in their own communities right now.

Please check it out and pass it on to any you feel might find it relevant.


Jul 072010

This toy is new and different and shiny, because it stands out a bit from the more “traditional” two person dildo (think Fun Factory Share or the Tantus Feeldoe). Why? It’s got these fancy schmancy adjustable angles for the two different piece, using a little silicone piece to change things up, depending on whether you like a more acute or more obtuse angle.

Like the majority of the other toys in this pretty new and pretty slim category, it’s 100% medical grade silicone. What does this mean? General cleaning can be done with soap and water, or if you want to share it (or use it anally, then vaginally), you can then sterilize it by dishwashing it (top shelf, no soap), boiling it 3-5 minutes or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Please do keep in mind that there are crevices here, making it harder to clean. Water-based lube only!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Mantric Sysil Double-Dildo toy, and so we’ve produced a little video review for you to get a little more info on it, check it out visually, and see if it’s the right toy for you.

Thanks again to  Fascinations and the videographer Matt for the video review awesomeness, and for the toy.

Click here to get your own Sysil Mantric and begin the angling action!

-Essin’ Em

Apr 212010

I’ve been seeing this video pop up on various blogs and social networking sites all week, but I just now had the time to watch it.

And I cried. A lot. It hit so close to home, to my experiences, to my partners (past and present), to my invisibility, to my having to repeatedly out myself, to everything that I have been, am and will be as a Femme (minus the 5 inch heels, thanks to the arthritis and surgeries). I cried because everything he had to say is so true, so real, and because no one has ever said that out loud where I could hear it.

So thank you Ivan Coyote, who I don’t know, for warming the cockles of this little Femme’s heart, for loving my gender, and for supporting all of us. Thank you.

Feb 092010

I’m not going to lie. I’m not usually much of a Sarah Silverman fan. In fact, I don’t like most “main stream” comedians.  Give me good ol’ British wit (Monty Python, Are You Being Served, Red Dwarf, Fawlty Towers, Eddie Izzard) any day.

However, Sarah Silverman said something that I think is important to talk about.  She talked about marriage equality, and compared it to the racial exclusive country clubs. Why would you want to belong to such an organizations that promotes inequality and hate?

So I take my hat off to Sarah Silverman. Whether I like her jokes her not, I do like her stand and the way she’s gone about speaking on this issue.