Jul 102012

Tobi Hill-Meyer, the director/producer of the award winning film Doing It Ourselves (featuring trans women and their sexuality), has a rocking Kickstarter project for a new two-volume film set that is an erotic documentary featuring trans women and their partners called Doing It Again – In Depth.

It is crucial that this film gets the support needed to get off the ground. Trans women, for a number of reasons, are disproportionately under-represented in queer communities, whether queer events, queer conversations, and especially in queer porn. There are a number of discussions about this, and while they are all valid, Tobi, as a trans woman, is moving forward with this project to represent the sexuality and relationships of trans women. This visibility is so important to acknowledge these women as members of various communities, as well as to allow their stories to be shared.

I strongly believe in grassroots community organizing. I know that many of you only have a few bucks to donate; I myself am usually in that boat. However, 10 people donating $5 is $50, and 100 people donating $5 is $500, and it only goes up from there. So please, if you have the ability to support increased visibility for trans women, their sexuality, and their relationship, please donate what you can and help this exciting project get going!