Nov 152011

Fabulous news!

I’ve been nominated for Denver Westword’s #WebAwards 2011 as one of the best sex bloggers. Check out the official link:

Now, my old sex blog has one quite a few awards, but I never really counted this as a sex blog. Unlike most people who are identified as “sex bloggers,” this blog doesn’t see me writing about *my* sex life; rather, I write about sexuality, sex education, identities, and more, as well as answer sex questions that I am asked. I kind of view it more as a sexuality blog than an actual sex blog. Ergo, it’s nice to be recognized as a sex blogger, because even though I don’t share all of the exciting sordid details of my sex life, the writing I do is still sexuality centric.

I’m happy to be in a category with three of my friends. Mistress Saskia is an amazing bastion of the Denver Kink community, and Evey Bird and the Red Headed Slut are both close friends of mine. Congrats to them as well for getting the nominations. Note; These sites are 18+ and are Not Safe for Most Working Environments.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th is the official #WebAwards party at Cassleman’s in Denver. Here’s to hoping I win!