Jun 012011

It’s a mouse, it’s a com device….no no, it’s the Better Than Chocolate vibrator! In my latest video review, I take on Nomi Tang’s clitoral stimulator/external vibrator, the Better Than Chocolate. It’s a cute toy, made to hug the curves of a variety of parts of the body (the vulva, around the penis shaft, etc), and comes in two colors; plum and navy, which is awesome for those who aren’t the biggest fan of pink (like me!). While I wish that it was made of silicone (which is a sterilizable material), at least is is made of elastomer, which happens to be a phthalate free and body-friendly material. This makes it safe and hypo-allergenic for bodies, and is also compatible with a variety of water-based lubricants. It can be used solo for masturbatory fun, or with a partner for some vibe-tastic interactions.

All in all, it isn’t better than chocolate. However, it’s a fun toy, with pretty light up action. If you’re looking for something similar but made of silicone and rechargable, I’d suggest the Lelo Siri.

Check out the video below to hear more of what I think, and then head over to Babeland to get your own Better Than Chocolate Nomi Tang Vibrator.