Nov 202012

transgender day of remembrance

Each year, dozens, and even hundreds of transgender, transsexual and trans* folks are murder world wide because of their gender identity and gender presentation. Today, we remember those we have lost.

More over, those of us with cisgender privilege (our gender matches the sex we were assigned at birth) must work, each and everyday, to make this a safer place for our trans* brothers, sisters and siblings to live. It is unacceptable that they are literally having to fight for their lives on a regular basis, just because of who they are. We must speak up. We must call people out on their transphobic and cisgentric language. We must advocate for laws protecting gender identity for jobs, housing, insurance and more. We must quash violence, and let people know that trans* violence, whether physical, verbal, or emotional, is completely unacceptable and will be punished. We cannot let this continue; this list grows every year, and that needs to stop. Now.


Nov 202010

Today, November 20th, is National (and International) Transgender Day of Remembrance. In the last few years (and this video is from last year, so there are more names and faces to be sadly added), over 100 people have been murdered for their gender identity/presentation. This doesn’t even take into account the hundreds and possibly THOUSANDS of people who are assaulted based on their gender, and tens of thousands more who are harassed each and every day.

Please watch this video. Again, it’s a year old, so many people are missing, but if you cannot take nine minutes out of your life to remember those who we have lost due to violence against the transgender community, what does that say? After you watch it, please think for a moment, or two, or ten, what YOU can do to create change in your community, in our community. How can we make it stop? This is completely unacceptable and heartbreaking. No one should have to be scare to leave their home due to their gender, and they should certainly not be scared of being killed. This is flat out wrong, and regardless of your politics, or religion, or moral views, is is NEVER ok to hurt and/or murder someone because of who they are. Ever.

If we don’t stand up and create this change, no one will. Stand up for people who are being harmed and whose voices are being heard. Create change, NOW. And always, always remember those we have lost.