Jul 162012

Last week, I had a great interview with Amber Strocel of Strocel.com for her popular podcast, and my episode covered everything from feminism to size positivity, authentic pleasure in pornography to owning your sexuality.

Part of her write up:

I had a frank discussion with Shanna about sexuality, feminism and body positivity. How do mainstream representations of sex and sexuality reflect on gender dynamics and the way we view women? Are adult films demeaning and oppressive to women? And how can we move past the negative feelings we have about our bodies and embrace ourselves as we are? Shanna answers all these questions and more. Plus she gives some great tips for improving your own sex life.

My podcast with Shanna Katz is not what you would call family-friendly, so if you have kids within earshot and you’re not up to answering some hard questions, you may want to save this one for later. But if you’d like to hear a smart, funny, feminist sexologist discuss how to love and enjoy your body, listen to our conversation here:


Click here to listen to us chat!

Jul 122012

With my new book, Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind, now available on Amazon.com (as well as Barnes and Noble, and hopefully your local retailer!), there is starting to be some exciting press for it.

Here’s a piece I gave some tips for on SheKnows.com: Four Tips for Enjoying Oral Sex

And my favorite Westword writer Jenn Wohletz did a fabulous piece on me, my thoughts, and of course, the book: Oral Sex Rockstar Shanna Katz

Add to that the previous piece from Out Front Colorado writer Holly Hatch: Local Sex Educator’s New Book Dives Into Women’s Pleasure

…and I’m quite the happy panda!


(note; if you or someone you know is interested in writing about the book, interviewing me, having me on a podcast, etc, please have them Contact Me. I’d be happy to chat you/them up!)

Mar 042010

While I was in San Francisco, I taught a SexAbility workshop on the intersection between sexuality and disability.  While there, I got interviewed a bit on it, and the result is this really awesome article about me on CarnalNation.com.  Click here to see it and learn a little bit more about the intersections of these identities.

Feb 162010

Last week, Fox News 10 ran a story on Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder as part of a story on a drug trial in Phoenix that is looking to find a cure for lower sexual arousal in women.  They called Fascinations for some info, and were kind enough to let me speak as the Resident Sex Educator.

I was really impressed that they had such a sex positive spin on it, and let me talk about there is more than just sex to sexuality, but also connection, communication, intimacy, etc.

So good job Fox for putting on such an all inclusive and fairly sex positive segment, and for not cutting me to sound like an idiot. Color me impressed!

Click here to see the short video spot.