Jul 222011

Hey folks of Colorado –

Colorado Youth Matter (an awesome non-profit advocating for evidence based sex education inclusion in schools) is creating (through a partnership with Advocates for Youth) a Youth Advocacy Council. Now, they’re looking for people ages 15-22, so whether you fall in that range, or know a passionate person who does, and if you or they have a passion for inclusive sex education, now is the time to apply! You’ll get a stipend, plus a trip to a national AFY meeting, the opportunity to work on creating change, and much more. The info is below. Ready, set,…..check it out!


Colorado Youth Matter in partnership with Advocates for Youth is searching for passionate youth and young adult activists from across Colorado to be part of a brand new Youth Advocacy Council!

The Colorado Youth Advocacy Council will be composed of 10 dynamic young people (ages 15-22) from around the state who will work together to advocate for comprehensive and inclusive sex education programs and policies in Colorado. Council members will take a grassroots approach to mobilizing communities around comprehensive sex education, social and reproductive justice, and other related policy issues by engaging communities to create opportunities that empower youth and their families to make healthy and informed decisions regarding their reproductive and sexual health.

Please pass this information and application on to all youth and young adults who you believe would be great activists to promote sexual and reproductive health. Feel free to pass this information along to others as well, as they may know someone who would be best for the job!

Click here to download an application or contact Joey at jtorres@coloradoyouthmatter.org with any questions. The deadline to apply is August 1, but applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.

Thank you,

Joey Torres
Youth Advocacy Coordinator
Colorado Youth Matter

Apr 282010

Dear Mayor,

I am fairly new to Arizona, having moved here this past fall with my partner from Colorado.

The day SB1070 passed and was signed was the day we thought we’d made a mistake about moving here. It is shameful to us to be living in a state that so blatantly perpetuates racism and racial profiling. Immigration may in fact be an issue here, but as I’m sure you know, this bill does nothing but legalize hatred, and give cart blanche to individual officers to discriminate as they will. I’m afraid that it will spread not only racism, but also include homophobia and transphobia, as those following this law make those who do not fit into society’s gender standards show their documentation, and begin to pull over cars with HRC stickers and rainbows. I am not prepared to carry around my birth certificate and/or passport with me at all times; no one should have to do this.

I have hope in you, sir, that you will do the right thing and begin the steps to create a discrimination and inequality suit that will get this law declared unconstitutional. I have hope that you will make us change our mind about this state, show us that there are people will to stand up for right, for equality, for human rights.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about this issue, and I look forward to seeing you stand up for justice for all,


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