Nov 132012

I know this blog hasn’t had as many new and exciting posts as it used to, which might be heart breaking to some.  But good news – you can read my writings on a monthly basis at The Fearless Press over at my column entitled Unapologetic, and twice a month, you can get all of your sex, sexuality, and relationship questions answered in my Body Positive sex advice column.

Plus, my newest book, a Lesbian Sexuality and Sex Positions book, entitled She and Her, is now available for pre-order on, or ask your favorite local book retailer or sex positive toy store to order it in advance for you. Add that to Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind, a 5-star reviewed cunnilingus guide, and you not only have fun reading, but some great gift ideas for the holiday season, and even Valentine’s day!

I’m also participating in a sexuality education project called What They Are Asking, where a group of sex educators, myself included, record video answers to popular questions asked by college students and other young adults, about the spectrum of sexuality. Check out the site, vote on questions, and watch the video answers!

Plus, I’m always available for sex coaching and relationship counseling (available in person in the Denver Metro area and via Skype for those out of that area), private workshops, and bookings for events, schools and more.

Aug 202012

Want to know how much lube to use? How to tell if someone is gay? How to bring up conversation about having a threesome? Which strap on is right for you? How to have anal sex without pain? What is the best way to pick someone up for casual sex? How to spice up your sex life after decades of love?

I have been writing a sexuality & relationship Q and A column for Out Front Colorado (as well as other posts on sexuality in the community – click here to read all of my writing) and am always looking for anonymous questions, from folks all across the country, to answer as part of this column that is published every other week.

Have a question you’d like answered? Shoot me an email at ShannaKatz at and I’ll make sure to answer it AND email you the link when I do. I will not name you or your actual location, and no question is too mild or wild. You can also comment with questions you’d like answered, tweet them to me @shanna_katz, or send them via carrier snail.

Looking forward to helping assuage your curiosity!


May 042012

This month, my sexuality and relationship advice column made its debut in the wonderful local (to Colorado) LGBTQ paper Out Front Colorado. If you head on over to the digital edition, and click through to page 42 (I know, perfect, right? My advice must be the meaning of life), you can see what I had to say to a person whose girlfriend masturbates A LOT and to someone looking to start exploring his anal pleasure zones in the safest way possible.

Have a question you’d like to me (anonymously) answer? Leave a comment here, message me on Facebook, DM me on Twitter, or email me at ShannaKatz at Gmail dot com. Questions can be about anything sexual, relationship, dating, anatomy, sex toys; you name it!


Mar 122012

Out Front Colorado is having a write in contest for all of the best things in Denver. They seemed to have left out the Best Local Sexuality Educator.

If you’d be so kind to click here and vote in the last write in box (where you can write in anything you want) and vote for Best Sexuality Educator: Shanna Katz, I’d really appreciate it!

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