Oct 112012

Mona 2


It’s time for another toy review…finally. I know it’s been a while, as I’ve been focusing more on book reviews.

Which toy is worth breaking the review hiatus? Well, not shockingly, it’s one from Lelo, one of my favorite sex toy manufacturers.  In fact, it is the fancy new and updated version of the Mona vibrator. It’s the Lelo Mona 2!

I really love Lelo because you know they are going to give you a quality toy made of good quality plastic (for the handle) and medical grade silicone for the vibrator itself. Medical grade silicone is hyopallergetic, body safe, phthalate free, and sterilizable (wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, let it sit, and them rinse it off to sterilize it before sharing!). Moreover, it’s a more sustainable toy, because it’s rechargeable. Not only will you not have to deal with buying batteries (and perhaps running out at the exact wrong time), but it is more eco friendly to use this type of toy.

As compared to some of their older toys (my demo Lelo Gigi for workshops is circa 2007), I love the handle and the buttons on the new one. They are smoother, easier to use during sex (especially if your hands are all kinds of lube-y), and look cleaner as well.

Like most of the Lelo line, this toy packs power, and has a variety of power levels, as well as types of settings. Whether you are newer to toys, or want something that has more of a hardcore power level, this toy has all of the option. Plus, this one, like the Gigi, is designed specifically for G-spot stimulation. However, while the Gigi is great for beginners, this one is a little bigger, a little thicker, and really felt more fulfilling than the Gigi does, in that I like having a bit more girth than I used to when I got my own Gigi. Having the option to use it externally (clitorally, as well as on a scrotum, nipples, etc) or internally means that this is a toy for all types of wants and needs.

While personally not a fan of the pink color (excuse me, Cerise), I can highly recommend this toy to anyone looking for a vibe that is easy to use, made of quality materially, and can be used either externally or internally. Lelo has a history of making fabulous feeling, high quality toys, and the Mona 2 is certainly no exception.

Click here to buy your own Mona 2!

Jun 082011

I love Lelo sex toys — they are made of great materials, they are all rechargeable, and they all come with a one year warranty. It really doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve reviewed a lot of their toys; the Lelo Mia, the Lelo Ina, and others on my previous review blog.

This week, I’m reviewing the Lelo Iris, which is the biggest of the Lelo toys, and comes with dual motors, so you can have two different types of internal stimulation at the same time. Plus, there are all sorts of fun and fabulous patterns, as well as different levels of vibration for each set of patterns, so you have lots of choices and options, and it never gets boring. If you’re looking for an external or clitoral vibe, I’d say go for the Lelo Siri, and if you’re looking for a g-spot specific vibe, I’d suggest the Lelo Gigi. However, if you’re wanting something a little bigger, and with some more power options, then the Lelo Iris is right up your alley. Keep in mind that since it is 100% medical grade silicone, you should use a water based lubricant with it — I’d suggest Maximus, since it is my favorite!

Enjoy my thoughts on the video, and then head over to get a Lelo Iris of your own!