Apr 262011

I love rechargeable sex toys, for a variety of reasons. First of all, you never have that awkward moment when the batteries are dead, and you don’t have anymore, and you finally rationalize pulling them out of the remote for sexual use, and then you realize that you stole them from the remote for your OTHER toy with dead batteries, and now you’re turned on and screwed, but not in the good kind of way. Secondly, rechargeable is better for the environment — you’re not dealing with going through tons of batteries, dealing with how to dispose of them, etc.

USB rechargeable vibrator

However, one issue I tend to have with rechargeable toys that have corded chargers is I misplace the cords, or try to use the wrong ones. Then my cats chew through them, and you can’t really buy them separately, or you bring the toy on your trip, but forget the charging cords, and again, sad pandas.

The Lelo Mia, however, is a pleasure object that truly thinks outside the box (pun totally intended). Basically, it’s a lipstick or flash drive shaped vibrator that charges…wait for it…in your USB drive! That means that all you need is a computer (your own, your office’s, or the business center at your hotel) in order to recharge this fancy schmancy piece of equipment for your sexy times. Awesome, I know.

It only has one pattern; on. However, it does have various speeds you can select, and I’ve found the the recent re-design has helped increase the power provided by the little engine. I love love love this little bugger; great for those wanting a travel friendly vibe, a discreet vibe, and/or a vibe that can easily fit in their purse or pocket. I also really appreciate that the newly re-designed Mia also comes in Black (in additional to pink and purple), as I like black and red toys best.

The cons? It is pretty small, which makes it easy to lose, or become a cat toy. It’s made of phthalate-free ABS plastic, but because it isn’t silicone, it cannot be sterilized, meaning it is a one person, fluid bonded couple, or condom use only toy. I wish it had some pattern options, in addition to the different vibrational levels…and of course, as I said when I first discovered the Mia a few years ago, I wish it actually WAS a flash drive, so you could store sexy pictures or erotica on it, in addition to being able to charge it and then use it as a vibrator.

All in all, I love the Lelo Mia. I think it’s one of the more innovative vibrators available currently, and I’m excited to see what else is coming down the Lelo pipeline. I think the Mia is great for singles, couples, and moresomes looking for a pretty powerful (though it is no Hitachi) vibrator that is discreet, cute, as well as fun and easy to charge.