Jun 082010

Who’d have thunk?

According to this recent study done by Dr. Nanette Gartrell and published in the Journal Of Pediatrics purports that children of lesbian parents are better behaved.

Now, one would think that they’d be fairly on par with straight parents, or single parents, but according to this research, using Child Behavior Checklist, and going on for 25 years, the children of lesbian parents were better adapted, and behaved better than those of other oriented parents.

I wonder what this study would look like in another 25 years?  I mean, 25 years ago, how many lesbians were parenting, and how “unusual” was it for kids to grow up with two moms (or two dads)? As someone who is in her mid 20s, I remember that my private elementary/middle school was one of the few in my area that welcomed LGBTQ families.  I wonder if lesbian parents were over-trying on their kids, encouraging model behavior even more, because of the immense scrutiny on them. Perhaps the study, redone with today’s parents, would show all kids to be more in the middle of the behvior. Or maybe there really is something to be said for lesbian parenting — who knows?

I can say that our cats, growing up with queer parents, are pretty much in the middle; sometimes, they’re little angels, and sometimes, the destroyers of cities (well, not that bad).