Nov 232010

Re-posted from Audacia Ray.

The Red Umbrella Project ( or on FB as is looking for a Blog Carnival Curator for our monthly sex worker blog carnival. Check out what we’ve been doing with the Carnival so far here:

(this is also posted here:


  • Write and circulate a monthly announcement about the theme of the blog carnival
  • Curate pieces for monthly thematic blog carnival – curation may include targeted outreach like emailing bloggers, doing blog searches for posts that match the theme, other online outreach and research
  • Outreach to online sex worker communities to promote the Red Umbrella Project blog carnival and podcast
  • Stay updated on sex worker blogger communities
  • Make recommendations for potential performers for live events in NYC
  • Actively work to expand the representation of sex workers’ voices, ensuring industry diversity, and diversity along lines of class, race, gender, sexuality, and ability


  • Commitment to and excitement about sex worker storytelling
  • Familiarity with the sex worker blogosphere – ideally, you are a sex worker blogger who participates in online communities
  • Daily internet access, ability to respond to emails in a timely way. You can live anywhere to do this job.
  • Familiarity with WordPress and social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife (please mention all you are active on in your application)
  • Commitment to actively work on expanding the representation of sex workers’ voices, ensuring industry diversity, and diversity along lines of class, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and other points of diversity
  • Priority for this position is given to a sex worker or former sex worker (self-identified) who is already actively engaged with sex workers online. Allies who have demonstrated commitment to sex worker rights are also eligible. You do not have to be out as a sex worker to apply; all disclosures in your application will remain confidential.

Time commitment: 5-10 hours per month, completely flexible – blog carnival needs to be posted by the last week of the month.

Compensation: $50 per month. Payable when blog carnival is posted.

To Apply: Email with an introductory note that has links to online profiles and writings, as well as links to any special projects of which you have been a part. Also, please tell us who your three favorite sex worker bloggers are and why.

Deadline for applications is December 10, 2010 at 7 pm EST.

INFO ABOUT THE PROJECTThe Red Umbrella Project ( iwas founded by activist and former sex worker Audacia Ray on the belief that storytelling is a building block of movement building and solidarity. People who have spent time in the sex industries know all too well the social and legal stigmas that prevent us from being treated with the dignity and respect we deserve. While researchers, the media, and myriad others fill up page after page with stories about the sex trade, the voices of people who have lived this reality are consistently denied and erased.

Everyone has a story, and the people who are best equipped to tell the stories of people in the sex trade are the people who have personal experiences in the industry.

The Red Umbrella Project has several elements:

  • The Red Umbrella Diaries is a monthly storytelling series in New York, where people who’ve tangled with the sex industry tell personal stories about the complications that arise when you mix sex and money. The event takes place the first Thursday of every month at Happy Ending in NYC.
  • Podcast: New episodes, featuring recordings of stories told by performers at the monthly series and occasional guest stories, are released every Sunday. The free audio podcast is available on the website as well as on iTunes.
  • The Red Umbrella Diaries Blog Carnival is a way for people who can’t attend the events in New York to share their stories, or for people who are too shy to share their stories onstage. Every month, host Audacia Ray selects a piece from the carnival and reads it at the event.
  • Workshops: Trainings for communities that are interested in storytelling, media advocacy and messaging, and media production.
Sep 132010

This is from A Woman’s Touch, a sexuality store in Wisconsin. More and more sex positive, accessible and inclusive toy stores are hiring full time sex educators (A Woman’s Touch joins Babeland, Good Vibes, Fascinations, Self Serve, Smitten Kitten, My Pleasure and more). I think this is great; it’s the first time in a long time that there have been full time, permanent jobs for sex educators outside of the traditional education realm. This job is accepting applications through Friday, September 17th. Please pass it on to anyone interested!


Pleasure Specialist: Retail Clerk/Sex Educator

A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center is accepting applications for a full-time staff person to provide both retail customer service and serve as a sexuality educator through our unique “education through retail” location in Madison. This is a full-time, permanent position with a schedule of Tuesday – Saturday, including at least one evening shift (no later than 8 p.m.).

We are seeking a hard-working, mature individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills, good attention to detail, and the ability to work with people of all ages, genders, and cultures. Customer service skills are helpful, and the ability to speak Spanish is a definite plus. We provide all training, so no background in sexuality education is needed, but applicants must be comfortable speaking to people about anatomy and sexuality.

To apply, send a hand-signed letter with the following information:

Why you want to work for A Woman’s Touch

What skills you bring to the job

Highlight any background that you have that you feel is relevant to the position

Plus a resume.

No email applications unless the original letter (with signature) is scanned and attached. Fax applications are welcome.

Mailing address:

A Woman’s Touch 600 Williamson St. Madison, WI 53703

Attn: Hiring

Fax: 608-250-2523

Phone: for questions call: 608-250-1928

Deadline: September, 17th  6 p.m.?