Jul 162012

Last week, I had a great interview with Amber Strocel of Strocel.com for her popular podcast, and my episode covered everything from feminism to size positivity, authentic pleasure in pornography to owning your sexuality.

Part of her write up:

I had a frank discussion with Shanna about sexuality, feminism and body positivity. How do mainstream representations of sex and sexuality reflect on gender dynamics and the way we view women? Are adult films demeaning and oppressive to women? And how can we move past the negative feelings we have about our bodies and embrace ourselves as we are? Shanna answers all these questions and more. Plus she gives some great tips for improving your own sex life.

My podcast with Shanna Katz is not what you would call family-friendly, so if you have kids within earshot and you’re not up to answering some hard questions, you may want to save this one for later. But if you’d like to hear a smart, funny, feminist sexologist discuss how to love and enjoy your body, listen to our conversation here:


Click here to listen to us chat!

Nov 242010

I wanted to embed this on here for all of you to read. Although being hosted by HotMoviesForHer.com, it is a video with no nudity, so safe for most works (although we do discuss sexual freedom, the Sex Bloggers Calendar, porn and more). Thanks so much to J.D. Bauchery for doing this rocking interview…on the streets of NY. Our apologies for the sound!

Originally posted: http://www.hotmoviesforher.com/blog/video-interview-with-shanna-katz.html

Nov 102010

I was interviewed again for Laurie Handler’s Tantra Cafe Radio show. Although the talk is mostly about sex toys and how (if at all) they can fit into a pleasure centric Tantric lifestyle, I also touch on the concept of feminine and masculine, and why it doesn’t matter what your sex is when practicing Tantra as long as you are authentic to your gender, and respect either the feminine or masculine (or both in you).

I’m the second half, and I’d love for you to take a listen and get some feedback!@

Click here to listen to me on Laurie Handler’s Tantra Cafe show!


Oct 282010

A few weeks ago, I sat down and spoke with Laurie Handlers on her weekly tantric radio show Tantra Cafe about the intersections of sexuality and disability. We talk about how insurances don’t cover many things related to sexuality/disability, how to look at redefining what sex means and how it feels best and works for you, as well as other things across the the spectrum of sexuality and disability.

Click here to listen to my radio interview on Tantra Cafe.


Jun 132010

I was lucky enough to get to be interview for AccessRX’s podcast.  Click here to listen to my interview, where I cover everything from “what is romance” to “how to reinvigorate your sex life” and much more. It’s about 15 minutes, but worth listening to. He asked some great questions about sexuality, relationships, sex, romance, communication and much more!