Jun 262012

Yes, folks, you read the title right! While you may have read erotic pieces I have written for anthologies, you have never read a full book written 100% by me.

Wait no longer! You can order my book Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind: An Illustrated Guide to Giving Her Amazing Orgasms on Amazon RIGHT now for delivery in the next two weeks…AND, by popular request, there is even a KINDLE edition!

You can also contact your locally owned booked store or progressive sex toy store, and ask THEM to carry it, so that you can buy local.

If you ever come to any of my classes, talks, lectures, workshops, events, etc, feel free to bring the book along, and I’ll turn it into a signed copy pronto!

And with that in mind…go forth, and shop! You’ll also be able to purchase it at Barnes and Noble in the very near future, if you’d prefer that route.

*note-while it does use female pronouns for the receiver, this book welcomes trans folks to enjoy it as well. Additionally, the partner is purposely written with no pronouns, so as to be more accessible for everyone!”