Mar 242013

Fabulous news – I’ve been working with to create a series of sexuality kits to help you optimize your love life with quality, body friendly toys & lubes, and excellently written sex books.  These kits make great gifts, whether to yourself, your partner, or for an event like a birthday, graduation, wedding, civil union, or other such celebration. Each contains everything you’ll need to have a truly wonderful time with toys that you know are of great quality, made by ethical companies, and will not harm your body.

You can see the whole list of kits here, or check out each individual one from this body positive luxurious toy site:

Anal 101 Kit

Captivating Cunnilingus Kit

Fabulous Fellatio Kit

G-Spot Explorations Kit

Sensual Sensations Kits

Strap On Beginner’s Kit


Jun 132011


You’re always telling people about lubricant and its importance in sex. I think I know the different between silicone lube and water based lube, but what if I want a tasty lube for oral sex (both blow jobs and eating out), that is also safe for vaginal intercourse? I know some flavored lubes contain sugar. What do I do?

Tentative and Taste Challenged

Hey T n’ T!

Great question. A good deal of cheap flavored lubes contain sugar — it’s my advice to stay far far away from those. Now, there are a lot of pretty decent flavored lubes that are sugar free, but contain glycerin. I always suggest people try to avoid glycerin, as it is derived from glucose, which is a type of sugar — many people have sensitivities to it, and it can cause irritation or yeast infections in some people who use it. However, if you have no issues with glycerin, System Jo makes a whole bunch of flavors (think Watermelon, Strawberry, Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon and Chocolate) ; I like to mix and match them to make new tastes. If you’re looking for a tasty glycerin free lube, Sliquid makes a variety of yummy flavors (like Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, and Cherry Vanilla) and Wet Naturals has a glycerin free, natural Strawberry lube that is actually pretty good.

Otherwise, you can always use one lube for blow jobs, and wipe it off or hop in the shower and switch to another.

Best of luck!