May 232010

Thanks to Matt of Fascinations for the fabulous taping of this review, and of course, to Fun Factory for the Layaspot itself.

The Layaspot is a pretty awesome and very versatile vibrator. I really like the size and shape of it, and unlike some vibrators, it’s fairly easy to hold in your hand (great if you have nerve problems, arthritis, etc).  It’s made of Elastomer, which is an awesome, phthalate free, body healthy material. I do wish it could be silicone, because then it would be sterilizable…but phthalate free is a really good start.

One of the really nice things about the Layaspot is that it can be used on lips, nipples, labia, the mons, and even under a guy’s testicles, in addition to the more traditional use of it for clitoral stimulation.  Also, the size is great in that it can be used between two bodies during intercourse, or you can let it rest up against you while your performing oral sex or fingering a partner, making this vibe great for both individual use as well as with someone else.

It doesn’t pack as much vibration as some other vibes, so if you’re a lover of the Hitachi Magic Wand, this is probably not the toy for you. However, if you’re new to vibrators, or just want a moderate amount of stimulation, this might be perfect for you!

Check out my video review above more more info, or click here to get a Layaspot!