Jul 062011

I’ve been a huge fan of Tristan Taormino movies since I first saw Chemistry. I love the majority of her Expert Guide To series, as I can suggest them to singles, couples, and triads as a sexy way of learning a sexual activities and getting more of what the want in the bedroom. Ergo, you can imagine that I was incredibly excited to get to check out her newest movie, Adrianna’s Dangerous Mind. Basically, it’s a movie in her Rough Sex Series that focuses solely on Adrianna and her fantasies. Add to that the first scene being with Jiz Lee (one of my favorite queer performers) and the first time Adrianna and Jada Fire play together? I had high hopes. Plus, Adrianna always brings in, and I was excited to see what she’d come up with.

The problem? My hopes weren’t quite fulfilled.

My partner and I watched this together, and as we made it through scene after scene, we were really surprised at the fact that we liked the less queer scenes far more. This is from me, who preaches the gospel of queer porn; No Fauxxx, Pink and White/CrashPadSeries, Good Dyke Porn, Reel Queer, etc. However, the scene with Jiz and Adrianna (in the style of David Bowie) fell flat for both of us. We actually wound up fast forward through many parts of it – the Bowie-esque lighting made it super blown out and hard to watch, while the sex itself seem almost choreographed. My inner monologue kept saying things like “why are you putting your hand in her mouth? It doesn’t look like either of you think it’s sexy, so why are you doing it? Take it out. Good job. Oh…we’re doing it again? Really?” Now, this is not to say it wasn’t an authentic scene or authentic pleasure/fantasy — it just didn’t appear that way, and the lighting made it incredibly annoying to watch. However, the appearance of the Eleven elicited cheers, as did the Vixen Outlaw.

Scene two (with Ramon Nomar) was shockingly tied as my favorite. Honestly, I’m not in to much boy/girl porn, but I felt the way he exhibited a type of caring for her pleasure really brought me in. Granted, I couldn’t understand half of what he said, but he had passion and emotion behind it, and that made it worth watching. My partner also enjoyed this scene, although we moved forward through the not one, not two, but three cum shots, as those aren’t really our style.

Like all of Tristan’s awesome films, Adrianna and her co-stars were interviewed at various points throughout the film — without a doubt my favorite part of the movie. I loved hearing her thoughts, her feelings, her wants, etc…even if I sometimes felt they didn’t come through on film. Perhaps this should have been called Fucking Fantasies instead of Rough Sex, because it felt a bit more like we were exploring her fantasies in general, instead of ones centered around rough sex. Anyways, I digress.

Scene 3 was with Jada Fire, who is freaking amazing. She’s hilarious in the interviews, and she and Adrianna had some great chemistry to watch. The Eleven was back (more cheers, and we re-wound it to spot the Easter Egg of a second Njoy Eleven on the pillow!), and watching Jada get to try the Hitachi Magic Wand for the first time? Amazing! I’m not always the hugest fan of the traditional FemDomme scenes, but this one was beyond awesome, and we both enjoyed it start to finish.

Scene 4 was the locker room scene…I wished for a little bit more dialogue between the folks, especially when you’ve got Evan Stone and Danny Wylde in a scene. It would have been more fun for us to watch if it was a little campier, kitchier, etc. More fun, I guess. Anyways, I kind of tuned out for this scene, until I started getting worried about safety in the shower scene. I mean, I was just waiting for SexFail to happen. Same with Scene 5 – not the safety bit, but the tuning out bit. It was kind of meh for me.

So two great scenes, two meh scenes and one big disappointment. All and all, not bad for porn, given that we all have our own wants and needs and turn ons. If these sounds more up your alley, get your own copy of Rough Sex 3: Adrianna’s Dangerous Mind. Otherwise, I personally loved Tristan’s Rough Sex 2, featuring Madison Young, Sinnamon Love, Claire Adams, Dylan Ryan, Adrianna, Bobbi Starr, April Flores and more — was much more aligned with my turn ons than this film.


Jan 252011

Hey Folks!

I’m flying to Denver tomorrow for a week filled with fabulous fun. Wednesday night is a vaginal fisting class at SKALES, Thursday is a free blow job class at the Fascinations in Boulder, Friday night is the Denver Kinky Girls Sleepover at the RACK Room and Saturday afternoon is a fun Fulfilling Fantasies class at the Denver Sanctuary. I love my home town, I love the wonderful organizations putting on these free and cheap classes, and I love seeing smiling faces at my workshop, so if you’re free and/or interested in the subjects or just sex education in general, I hope to see you at some of these events. Info is below.



Talk at SKALES: Vaginal Fisting


Denver, CO

Date: January 26th, 7pm

Cost: Free, Donations Welcome

Website: http://skales.org/


Let’s Talk Sex: Suck on This! Adventures in Fellatio


2560 28th St

Boulder, CO

Date: January 27th, 7pm

Cost: FREE

Website: http://blogs.funlove.com

Although we would all like to think we’re experts at going down south, every single one of us can stand to learn a thing or two.  This is an interactive class, coupled with a discussion (come prepared to share your tips and techniques) to help as all be the queens and kings of oral that we’d like to be. From the Shirley Temple to the Barber Pole, tips on positions, and more, everyone can learn SOMETHING about how to suck…in a good way! With sexuality educator Shanna Katz.

Food and drink will be served, and a free raffle will take place.

This class is in the series of Let’s Talk Sex workshops put on by Fascinations. Like other workshops in this series, they are all free, and 18+. Spaces are first come, first serve. All stores are accessible.

First 20 attendees will get a $10 gift card as well.


Fulfilling Fantasies: Role Play and Beyond!

The Denver Sanctuary

Denver, CO

Date: January 28th, 1pm

Cost: $5 members, $8 non-members

Website: http://www.denversanctuary.com/

Whether you have dreams of the school girl and the naughty dean, or a police woman, a criminal and a pair of handcuffs, we all have dreams and fantasies that really turn us on. In this class, we’ll talk about the difference between fantasy and role play, how to bring some of your fantasies and erotic role plays to life, different types of fantasies that you may have never even have thought to explore, and even how to get into a role without feeling silly. Come ready to share some of your wildest dreams!