Jul 202011

If you haven’t heard about the latest study suggesting that health care should offer birth control, contraception, sterilization (voluntary) and preventative exams at NO cost to the recipient, it’s possible you haven’t been on the internet in the last few days.

This study is new, but the concept is not. Most other countries offer birth control and contraception free to all of their citizens. Why?

*Lower rates of teen pregnancy

*Lower rates of unwanted pregnancy (which means less abortions and less adoptions/kids put in the foster care system)

*Higher rates of healthy births (having too many pregnancies close to each other can cause more issues with live births)

*Healthier, happier citizens

*Lower rates of DV triggered by unwanted pregnancies/children that couples cannot afford

Basically, it’s just silly that we don’t already offer this. For those of you not on birth control or contraception, you may not realize how quickly the costs can add up. I am “lucky” enough to have insurance, yet my Nuva Ring costs $35 per month. That is over $400 a year. This is a big investment for me — I cannot imagine having to put $400 towards birth control if I was working a minimum wage job…and if you are no insured, it can cost over $100 A MONTH for certain types of birth control. For folks who don’t have much disposable income, birth control and contraception isn’t at the top of their lists; usually food, rent, and utilities top off their lists.

By providing completely covered birth control, contraception and equally important preventative exams, we can significantly cut down on unwanted pregnancies, increase healthy live birth rates, and discover cancers and STIs waaaaay earlier. The fact that we don’t already do this seems ludicrous to me. Even if this isn’t something that would directly affect you personally, or even anyone in your group of friends and family, this is something that will be a positive impact on literally MILLIONS of people. Please, take a moment to sign this petition towards making this a reality.

Click here to sign the no co-pay petition!




Jun 052010

This is win. It is so much win.

That said, I really prefer the term marriage equality over same sex marriage or gay marriage. Why? Because not everyone who wants the ability to marry identifies as gay (lesbian, queer, bi, or a couple with a trans person who now identifies as straight), and unless you’re checking chromosomes, you don’t really know if people are the same sex.

All of this said, I love love love this picture, and think it makes a brilliant point, both for marriage equality, and hopefully eventual gender/sex equality, that our country has still yet to practice.

Plus, I love me some animal macros in the morning.


May 192010

Sadly, my quest to queer (and plus-size-ify) Say Yes to the Dress has ended, and I’ve refunded the donations I’ve gotten (unless I was told to keep them for other purposes, like Sexually Able).


Well, originally, I told them I had a $1000 budget (twice what I was expecting to pay, but worth it to be on there for my own marketing). They told me I need $1500-$2000 to shop in Kleinfeld’s, the shop featured on the show. I was going to give up, but you, dear readers and twitter followers, encouraged me to go on it, and started donating money to make it feasible.

I was excited. My partner was going to come with me, my best friend was going to fly out from Denver, I was set. I even had my little sister scan pictures of my mother and father’s wedding from 1969 (my mother wore a peacock blue dress, and the producers wanted pictures).

Then last Monday, I was told that apparently, Kleinfeld’s “can’t” do a red plus size dress for less than $3500. Never mind than apparently almost any white dress is dyable to red…they just couldn’t do it for such a “low” budget, and they wouldn’t book me an appointment.

And so, I gave up. Why? Because my own ethics won’t allow me to spend a huge amount of money on a wedding dress for ONE DAY, and I’m certainly not going to ask other people to help me pay for that. I’m sure I can find, or even have a custom dress made for under $1000. I’ve found ones I like online for $500, but I really do want to try in on, obviously.

So thank you, for your support. I will say that the producer I worked with on the show (Katy) was nothing but nice, understanding, and open-minded.  She seemed super excited in the first place, and very disappointed at the budget levels from Kleinfeld’s.  I just wish they’d either be willing to subsidize dresses, or perhaps also have a “budget” location for filming.

Thanks again for all your help, tweeting, support and more. It’s been more than appreciated.