Sep 062012

I know that many of you (like me) love supporting local and independently owned books stores, toy stores, etc. Here are some of the local places that are carrying Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind. Please buy local to thank them for supporting a sex positive feminist author! If I’ve missed someone, please comment and I’ll update to include them!

Tattered Cover (Denver, CO)

Romantix (Denver, CO)

Powell’s (Portland, OR)

Early to Bed (Chicago, IL)

Self Serve (Albequrque, NM)

Smitten Kitten (Minneapolis, MN)

The Tool Shed (Milwaukee, WI)

Kama Sutra Closet (Ventura, CA)

Sugar the Shop (Baltimore, MD)

Bookwoman (Austin, TX)

Blue Stockings (New York, NY)

Good Vibrations (San Francisco and Berkley, CA and Boston, MA)

Jul 202012

Shanna and Eleven

For the very first time ever, I will be teaching in Chicago. Yes, the Windy City will be welcoming me and at least one of my vulva puppets as I descend upon the awesome feminist, sex positive toy store Early to Bed. It’s going to be my Ain’t Nothing but a G-thang class all about the sometimes elusive G-spot, vulvar ejaculation and more! It’ll be on Wednesday, July 25th.

Ever wondered where that often talked about “g-spot” resides, and how exactly you can find it, stimulate it, and really get the most of out it? Learn all about this mysterious pleasure zone from the anatomical side, as well as great ways to nurture and pleasure this sensitive zone of wonder.  Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know about female ejaculation, we’ll talk about what it is, the make-up of the fluid, and how to work towards ejaculating if that’s your goal. G-spot workshops are great for people of all orientations, single, coupled, etc.

$20 per person ($15 low income/students). All adults welcome.

I’d love love love to see you at my class, whether we’ve known each other for years, or never met before. It is open to all ages (18+), single folks as well as partnered, and for people of all genders and orientations.

If you’d like to attend, please click here to sign up, and I’ll see you next Wednesday!