Mar 282012

Hey folks:

The GLBT Center of Colorado is hosting their annual Transgender Job Fair on May 5th.

“The transgender Career Advancement project was created to bring inclusive employers and the transgender community together in a safe environment. Join The Center and employers such as Shalom Cares and the City and County of Denver on May 5th for an event you won’t want to miss. The Center will also be hosting a rooftop reception for all the attendees after the job fair. See you there!”

Where: The GLBT Center

1301 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80218
When: May 5th, 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Who: Trans* folks looking for work with inclusive employers
Cost: FREE!
Feb 032011

This afternoon, I’m super excited to have one of my favorite dommes in the entire world on my Let’s Talk Sex Radio show at 4pm MST. Who could it possibly be?

Why, it’s Mistress Saskia, the headmistress of Pavlovia Denver, owner of the RACK Room, and all around awesome-sauce person!

Mistress Saskia Pavlovia Denver

Mistress Saskia of Pavlovia Denver (Photo Credit: Bizarre Mag)

We’re going to talk kink, BDSM, ropes, role play and oh so much more, for the most novice bondage beginner to those who have lived in the lifestyle. Plus, as always, toy reviews, lots of giveaways, the Position of the Day game, and lots more fun.

Just listen to 1100AM KFNX in the Phoenix area, or head over to the Let’s Talk Sex Radio Show webpage to stream it live on your computer. Tune in, turn on, and have fun!


Nov 202010

Fascinations One Day Sale

From 8am MST to Midnight MST, every single item on the Fascinations site ( is 25% off.

What does this mean?

25% off the Njoy Eleven!

25% off all the lube you can use!

25% off educational DVDs!

25% off erotica AND sex ed books!

25% off bath/body gift baskets and the Kama Sutra Collection!

25% off sexy lingerie!

25% off ceiling cat panties!

How can you argue with this? Go forth! Enjoy! And don’t forget upcoming holidays, birthdays, etc — this is the time to stock up! Head on over to Fascinations, November 20th ONLY for the One Day Sale!

Oct 262010

I’m a political person, but I often try to keep my career thoughts separate from my personal politics.

This is one of those situations where that is just impossible, period.

Back in 2008, I worked on the NO on 48 Campaign in Colorado, against the so called “Personhood” amendment. I drove around the state, used facebook/twitter/myself/our blog to get the word out, phone banked, you name it, just to make sure this horrible amendment didn’t pass. It didn’t — Colorado voters knocked it down 73% to 27%.  Which is a ridiculous defeat. You’d think they would have learned their lesson.

They didn’t. They’re back this year. When I say they, it is almost all out of state contributions and hands at work, with a few conservative extremists IN Colorado actually putting a local face on it and doing the dirty work. It’s not longer 48, it’s 62. And it’s just as evil.

What does it do? It defines the moment of conception as now being a person. Any fertilized egg is considered person. Fetuses also fall into this category, but fertilized eggs…even if they aren’t implanted.

First of all, it is impossible (and many Catholic churches have agreed on this level) to know the exact moment of conception. So really, any cisgender woman who is regularly menstruating and having sex with a cisgender man could technically have a second person growing inside her.

What does this mean?

*IUDs would become illegal. If you have one in, you’d have to have it removed, by law.

*Most forms of hormonal birth control would be illegal — they might be murdering a person.

*Women who had cancer would not be allowed to choose chemotherapy or radiation, as it might hurt the “person” inside them.

*Abortion and emergency contraception would become illegal.

*Invitro fertilization would also face issues; because they store the extra embryos they create, and eventually destroy them after a decade or so, they would be considered to be “mass murders.” Because they are throwing away unwanted, decade old embryos.

*A bit silly, but technically, all women of childbearing age could drive in the HOV lane at any point in time…because you would never know if they had a second “person” inside them, ergo, multiple people in the car.

Obviously, this amendment is ridiculous, and would trample rights of women and couples everywhere. If you or anyone you know live in Colorado, I beg of you to stand up against this, and vote NO on 62. We don’t want it, just like we didn’t want 48. Let’s send a message and get outside interest groups to stop meddling with us now, and for good.


PS. If you want a glimpse at their ridiculousness, make sure you watch this video all the way through.

Oct 182010

I love Colorado. Despite getting sick, I had a wonderful trip full of crisp air, leaves changing colors, vegan seitan wings, pumpkin ripple fudge ice cream, delicious veg-friendly Mexican food and more, as well as some great talks with people in the kink, queer and sex positive communities. I always feel so much at home in Denver, and can’t wait to be returning there next Spring with my partner.

And now, it’s back to the grind. Catching up on work for Fascinations, facilitating my American Medical Association’s Sexual Health Scholars group with Justine Shuey, teaching at Arizona State University, and Paradise Valley Community College, and getting my radio show (on 1100 KNFX, Thursdays at 4pm) off the ground. And that’s all just this week!

I’m booking now for Spring 2011, and still taking new clients for my sex and relationship coaching. Hope to hear from you!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying being back with my partner and our kitties, other pumpkin tastiness, and trying to get well again.


Oct 132010

This week brings me back to my homeland; Colorado!

The title is a bit deciving — while I will be spending a good deal of my time in Denver, I’ll also be heading down to Colorado Springs tonight to do a Sex Toy 101 event at Colorado College, and check out our new Fascinations store that just opened in Colorado Springs.

Thursday the 14th is a busy day, starting with a 7am interview/talk show with Lewis and Floorwax on the Fox. Please tune in! Then, Thursday night at 7pm is a 100% FREE sex ed workshop at the Aurora Fascinations. It’s call What’s Up with the Butt? Anal 101 and is great for everyone who is interested in anal sex, whether they’ve tried it or not, regardless of gender, orientation, etc. It’s going to be super fun! Plus, the first 20 people to show up get $10 gift cards for Fascinations, and everyone gets refreshments and the chance to enter a raffle for toys, gift cards and more! It’ll be at 2680 S. Havana Ave in Aurora, 7pm.

Friday, I’m doing a private all staff training for the Colorado Fascinations employees, checking out a venue for my wedding next fall, attending a friend’s wedding, and then rocking out at the Skull FUK (Fetish und Kink) party at the RACK Room.

Saturday, I’m planning to hang out with my best friend, and hopefully do a shoot for GoodDykePorn.

If you’re in Colorado, I’d love to see you while I’m out there. And if you’re interested in having me come speak at a campus/store/center/dungeon near you, please contact me!


Plus! Check out this discount for everyone:

Jul 022010

Student panelist needed for LGBTIQ & Disability panel (7/16)
Kelly Leonard, Asst Director of Purdue University’s Disability Resource Center, has been asked to pull together a panel on the intersection of LGBTIQ and Disability/Deaf identities in college students, for the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) conference at the Sheraton Denver Downtown. The panel, which will also feature two staff members and reference resources such as, will be held Friday, July 16th 2-4pm at the national AHEAD conference in Denver (Sheraton Denver Downtown). If you or someone you know identifies as an LGBTIQ college student with a disability, and would possibly be interested in participating, please contact Kelly Leonard at .