Mar 272013

Both folks online and those attending my workshops are always asking me for an inclusive list of all of the sex toy and lubricant companies that create body friendly sex toys and lubes. I usually point them over to the Coalition Against Toxic Toys (aka,, but their list, while excellent, is much shorter than all of the companies out there producing good products. And of course, if you check out my list of Feminist and Sex Positive Toys Stores, you’ll be more likely to find good quality, body safe sex toys and lubes there.

That all being said, I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together the most inclusive list I could of body friendly sex toy companies and body safe lube companies. I’ve asked other sex educators, sexuality retailers, bloggers, etc, and together, we have created this list of companies. Now, they could certainly change their products, and I might not know, so if you have info on them producing toxic toys, just contact me. Also contact me if you know of a body friendly company that is not yet on the list, and I’ll update it. However, please note that I am trying to feature companies that are completely phthalate and other chemical free, so while some larger toys companies DO produce SOME body friendly toys, they are not listed because other toys they make are dangerous for bodies.

And with no further ado, I present to you, my list of Body Friendly Sex Toy and Lube Companies.

Mar 242013

Fabulous news – I’ve been working with to create a series of sexuality kits to help you optimize your love life with quality, body friendly toys & lubes, and excellently written sex books.  These kits make great gifts, whether to yourself, your partner, or for an event like a birthday, graduation, wedding, civil union, or other such celebration. Each contains everything you’ll need to have a truly wonderful time with toys that you know are of great quality, made by ethical companies, and will not harm your body.

You can see the whole list of kits here, or check out each individual one from this body positive luxurious toy site:

Anal 101 Kit

Captivating Cunnilingus Kit

Fabulous Fellatio Kit

G-Spot Explorations Kit

Sensual Sensations Kits

Strap On Beginner’s Kit


Oct 282011

My apologies for disappearing off of the face of the interwebs; the last two moths have seen me be laid off, take a really bad fall leaving me bed ridden for a few days, off to New York for my partner’s grandmother’s funeral, getting wedded/having a celebration of love, and doing a handful of fabulous presentations and workshops.

Before the month is completely up, I wanted to let you all know about the fabulous City Girl, and her awesome partnership with Fun Factory (one of my favorite sex toy companies) to give YOU (her and my fabulous readers) 20% off Fun Factory, body safe, sex positive toys AND at the same time, Fun Factory is going to donate 20% to Pink Jams, and awesome organization working with breast cancer awareness in folks under 40 (like the fabulous City Girl!).

How do you make this awesome offer happen? Head over to and enter the code Citygirl (with a capital C) to get 20% AND get 20% given to Pink Jams by Fun Factory. Sorry I’m so late on this, so make sure you hop aboard this awesome deal ASAP by the end of October.

For more info, check out City Girl’s awesome press release!