Feb 082011

I had this sent to me by Sarah Sloane, fellow sex educator and a friend of mine. Her friend, Ann Coakley, is doing this survey, like many others currently out there, to work on improving healthcare for trans folk. If you fit in this demographic and are willing, please take a moment to participate in this study, to help change the climate in health care that currently exists for trans people.


As a graduate student at Smith College for Social Work I am conducting a study to develop a better understanding, from a trans person’s viewpoint,  what good care and treatment by a primary care healthcare provider looks like. This recruitment letter has the  purpose to collect perspectives from a diverse sample of self-identified trans people. By trans people I mean, in the broadest sense, people whose gender differs than what was assigned to them as a baby.

  • Participants for this must be over 18 years old,
  • able to read and write English,
  • reside in the United States and
  • identify their gender as different from the gender assigned to them to as baby.

Participating in this study will involve filling out an anonymous online survey taking about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. This confidential survey can be accessed at


I am also asking for help with recruiting other trans people for this study to collect a diverse sample of viewpoints. There are three to ways to help with outreach. One is to forward this email with or without the attached flyer to other people involved in the trans community. Second is print out this letter and or flyer and hand to a potentially interested participants. The third is to post the flyer in places highly trafficked by potential participants. If you work for an organization or agency, make sure you are acting within the policies there.

Thank you for your attention and help in recruiting for my study. If you are interested in the findings of this study please contact me at acoakley@smith.edu.


Ann Coakley