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In the News:

Salon: What Every Man (and Woman) Needs to Know About Cunnilingus 2015

Men’s Journal: Top Ten Sex Mistakes Men Should Avoid 2014

Poly Weekly Podcast: PW 409 – Poly and Disabilities 2014

Shape: 5 Moves to Orgasm Tonight 2014

Express Milwaukee: Sex and Disability 2014

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health: Monday Review – The Pleasure Map 2014

Men’s Journal: How to Give Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind 2014

Men’s Health: 5 Oral Sex Moves You’ve Never Tried 2014

Gasm.Org: The Sexpert Guide to Orgasm 2014

Sex With Timaree Podcast: What Gets Shanna Katz Excited? 2014

Pink Label/Point of Contact: Author Shanna Katz on Shooting Explicit Sex Education 2014

Curve Magazine: X Marks the Spot 2014

Tucson Weekly: Who is Coming to the Conference? 2014

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson’s Body Love Conference 2014

Plus Size Birth: Let’s Talk About Sex – Post Partum and Plus Size Sex 2014

Sex Out Loud Radio: Shanna Katz on Passion for Queer Sex, Open Source Sex Education, and the Intersections of Sex and Dis/ability 2014

SheKnows: Self Lovin’ Sex Positions 2014

Yellow Scene: Exploring Relationships 2014

Autostraddle: Fall 2013 Queer Books Preview 2013

Repair the World: Pride Interview: Shanna Katz and Keshet 2013

The Metropolitan: Sex Week brings education and intrigue 2013

Men’s Health: 2013

Cosmo Latina: 2013

Gasm.Com Shanna Katz on Orgasm and Disability: 2012

Westword: Denver #WebAward Winners 2012

Cosmopolitan: November Issue 2012

Get Lusty: Podcast w/ Shanna Katz on Consent and 3 Ways to Better Sex 2012

Men’s Health: Your Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex 2012

Strocel Podcast: Shanna Katz on Sexuality, Feminism and Body Positivity 2012

Opening Up: Poly Coloradans Speak to Out Front Colorado 2012

SheKnows: Tips for Enjoying Oral Sex More 2012

Shape: 7 Tips for A Better Orgasm 2012

Ms Perfect Podcast: On Sexuality, Disability and Contraception 2012

Westword: Oral Sex Rockstar Shanna Katz 2012

Go Magazine: 100 Women We Love 2012

Get STD Tested: Top 100 Sex, Love and Dating Blogs 2012

Out Front Colorado: Local Sex Educator’s New Book Dives Into Women’s Pleasure 2012

Out Front Colorado: Outstanding Awards Write In Winners 2012

My Name Is Me: My Name is Shanna Katz 2011

Westword: Kink of the Jungle 2011

UNC’s The Mirror: Sex Educator Gives Three Rules for Good, Safer Sex 2011

Ignite Phoenix After Hours: Wait, Shanna, You’re Going to Talk About WHAT? 2011

College Times: Hard Sell (Industry Aiming for Wider Audiences) 2011

Arizona Foothills: AZ’s Hottest Romance Retailer 2011

CBS 5 Arizona: Foods that Improve Your Relationship 2011

Contemporary Sexuality: Sex Toy Toxicity 2011

Brown Daily Herald: Sex Week Kicks off with Body Positivity 2011

Contemporary Sexuality: Sex Con: 2011 2011

Lewis and Floorwax 103.5 FM Sexy Week 2011

AccessRX Ebook: He Said, She Said 2011

Mix 96.9 Phoenix: Ways to Keep your Relationship Fresh 2011

Crowded Planet Radio: Fun, Love and Squeezing Patterns 2011

Westword: Suck on This: Shanna Katz Offers Up Blow Job Basics 2011

Into the Soup: January 22nd Episode 2011

So Scottsdale: Your Guide to Romance 2011

Kink on Tap: Transgender Day of Remembrance 2010

Tantra Cafe: Can Sex Toys Be Tantric? 2010

Kink on Tap: Sexy Pumpkins 2010

Tantra Cafe: Sexuality and Disability 2010

Out Front Colorado: My (straight) Boyfriend Wants Backdoor Action 2010

The Daily Beast: Google’s Bizarre Blacklist 2010

Boulder Weekly: The Stimulus For Sex 2010

Kink on Tap: It’s Funny ‘Cause She Hates Sex 2010

Rainbow Radio: Lesbian and Queer Women’s Health 2010

103.5 The Fox: Lewis and Floorwax Morning Show 2010

Access Rx: Podcast Expert Interviews 2010

Phoenix New Times: Shanna Katz Teaches Anal 101 at Fascinations 2010

Maybe Maimed: FemQuake 2010

Blowfish Radio: Episode 94 2010

IDiversity: Brown Teaches Students How to Have Kinky Sex 2010

Brown Daily Herald: Out to Lunch with Shanna Katz 2010

Kink on Tap: Delightfully Flawed People 2010

Carnal Nation: Yes We Can — Sex and Disability 2010

Good Vibrations: Sex Educator Profiles 2010

Fox News: Hypo Active Sexual Desiree Disorder Feature 2010

UCD Advocate: Vagina Warriors 2009

L-Magazine: The Private Lives of Public People 2008

AVN Online 2007

Colorado College Cipher Feminism and BDSM 2006