Colorado Sex Positive Professionals


On a very frequent basis, I am asked to provide referrals to various professionals in Colorado that are queer and trans inclusive, kink aware and/or poly friendly. In order to best lump them together, I’m going to refer to these folks as Sex Positive Professionals. While I certainly have a personal network that includes counselors, sex therapists, inclusive doctors and more, I realized the need for a living document, a list of sex positive professionals in Colorado that can be shared among various communities. If someone wants a tattoo artist that is fine if their slave accompanies them to the appointment, or a relationship counselor who is willing to see see all three members of a poly group, they should be able to easily find that information.

More over, members of the LGBTQ community, particularly queer and transgender identified folks, tend to be more likely to be un or under insured, and on average, make less money (and are more frequently un and under employed) than their straight and cisgender counterparts.  Ergo, this list includes not only each provider, the types of services they provide, and which of the queer, trans, poly and/or kink communities they feel comfortable seeing, but also whether or not they provide a sliding scale option for those who cannot pay the full price. Providers offering sliding scale options are bolded to reward them for their accessibility to various communities.

I do not personally know every person on this list. While I specifically asked some Colorado Sex Positive Professionals folks to be included, the rest are either self selected, or were referred to me by other sex positive educators, therapists and providers. If for some reason, you have a negative experience with any of these providers around their sex positivity or the way they interact with kinky/queer/trans/poly folks, please let me know.  If you are not yet included on this list, and would like to be, please contact me with your name, business name, contact information, services offered, which communities you are comfortable supporting, prices and whether or not you are sliding scale. You will included in the list’s next update.

Click here to download the PDF spreadsheet of Colorado Sex Positive Providers Updated Sept 2016

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  1. Thank you for this list!

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