Sex Ed Workshops


Most of these sex ed workshops/classes/discussions are geared towards groups 18+, whether for sex toy stores, private parties (girls nights, stag parties, bachelorette parties, red hat parties and more), university sexuality programs, local dungeons, sexuality conferences, etc. Shanna would be happy to custom tailor workshops for you and/or your organization, including topic, length, amount of hands on demos, etc. There is also a list of discussions and lectures more suited towards colleges and universities.


How Many Licks? Adventures in Cunnilingus

Sometimes oral sex on a vulva can be one of the most intimidating sexual acts out there. Never fear; we’ll talk anatomy, taste, and technique, as well as proper positions, safer sex, body healthy lubes and more. All in all, you’ll leave confident and ready to try all you’ve gleaned from this workshop. Even if you consider yourself the most learned of lickers, you can always get a few new tips for tasting the velvet. This can be held together with Suck on This for a fantabulous night of oral sex workshops, or done as just cunnilingus for those looking for tips eating out. Whether the audience wants to learn exactly how to lick or just where to suck, these classes aim to please and always succeed.

Suck on This! Adventures in Fellatio

Although we would all like to think we’re experts at going down south, every single one of us can stand to learn a thing or two.  This is an interactive class, coupled with a discussion (come prepared to share your tips and techniques) to help as all be the queens and kings of oral that we’d like to be. From the Shirley Temple to the Barber Pole, tips on positions, and more, everyone can learn SOMETHING about how to suck…in a good way! This can be held together with How Many Licks for a fantabulous night of oral sex workshops, or done as just fellatio for those looking for tips on blow jobs. Whether the audience wants to learn exactly how to lick or just where to suck, these classes aim to please and always succeed.

Ain’t Nothing But a G Thing: G-Spot Play and Female Ejaculation

Ever wondered where that often talked about “g-spot” resides, and how exactly you can find it, stimulate it, and really get the most of out it? Learn all about this mysterious pleasure zone from the anatomical side, as well as great ways to nurture and pleasure this sensitive zone of wonder.  Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know about female ejaculation, we’ll talk about what it is, the make-up of the fluid, and how to work towards ejaculating if that’s your goal. G-spot workshops are great for people of all orientations, single, coupled, etc.

What’s Up With the Butt? Anal Sex 101

Anal is an incredibly popular topic of conversation; everyone wants to know why one does it, how ones does it, and everything about it.  Get down with some backdoor basics from info on anatomy to lube love, and of course, how one gets going with the butt loving. Butt sex is on everyone’s mind, so let’s get talking about it. This is a great class for both anal first-timers as well as those more versed in the art of revving up the rear. Everyone loves a fun and fabulous anal sex workshop!

Right Foot Red, Left Hand Lube: Sex Positions for Everyone
Forget the Kama Sutra and Tantra.  Leave your sex swing at home.  This workshop is on sex positions that anyone can do; no fancy hardware or spiritual revelations needed. We’ll talk about everything from Missionary to Froggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl to the Sneaky Vampire. Want a threesome? Got positions for that.  Have arthritis? We’ve got positions for that. Ready to integrate sex toys into the bedroom (or shower, or car)? Check. Bring your favorite position in mind, and be ready to try out new positions (with clothes on) as we sex-plore our way through the endless types of positions available to us. Open to singles, couples and more-somes, and people of all gender and orientations.

Harness Your Pleasure: Strap On 101

Come learn all about the joys and pleasures of strapping it on.  Discuss the pros and cons of different kinds of harnesses (ever wonder what the difference is between a g-string and a dual strap?), learn how to properly inset cocks and dildos into the rings, and contemplate a plethora of positions.  This class is open to singles, couples and more-somes of all sexes and genders (we’ll cover pegging too, as well as using harnesses for cuckolding).  Never used a harness before? That’s fine – we’ll start with the basics. Plus, everyone will get to try on harnesses with toys over their clothes to get a feel for the different styles, as well as figure out what works best for them if they so choose.

Naughty is Nice – BDSM and Kink 101

Ever wonder what all those letters stood for? Now is how you can find out! Learn about the basics of kink play, the difference between a whip, a flogger and a paddle, and what it means to be in a 24-7 relationship. Understand the differences between fantasy (like 50 Shades of Grey) and how to turn those thoughts into your own, sexy reality, and how to bring up a little kink action in the bedroom to your partner. Whether you’re looking to join the local scene, or just to add some spice into the bed room, this is a great overview for anyone. Perfect for the beginner or someone fairly novice to the scene (not for anyone advanced).

Sex With Yourself: The Best Partner You’ll Ever Have

Everyone needs to learn a little about self love and self pleasure, because really, who can possibly know you better than yourself? From jacking and jillin’ off to mutual masturbation, this class explores both the social constructions and assumptions behind masturbation, as well as some fabulous techniques to improve flying solo. Plus, we’ll talk about toys that can help when you’re ringing Southern bells, and how to introduce and/or maintain your alone time within your relationship. Masturbation is one of the most self gratifying experiences you can have — why not make it even better?

Sexually Able: Intersections Between Sex and Dis/Ability

This is part class, part support group, geared towards people who are differently able, and their partners. This workshop is discussion based, and covers issues such as coming out to your partner(s), how to discuss ability levels, new things to try, correct terminology, negotiating sex play (including kink/BDSM play), and much more. Participants are encouraged to share suggestions, trade ideas, etc. Great for people of all ability levels (and their partners) who want to recognize themselves as sexual beings. This sex and disability workshop must be held in an accessible location.

What’s In Your Toy Box? Toys for Big Boys and Girls

Time to go back to the basics on modern sex toys. We’ll go over what are they, how do they work, and some basic demos as well as cover how to choose, use and love ’em. Also included will be conversation on the materials that are used (including what is dangerous and what isn’t), care and upkeep of toys, where to get them, what toys are best used for what purposes and more. (This class can also be geared towards a certain type of toys, such as Strap On 101, Bottom Basics (plugs, prostates and anal stimulation), etc, depending on the audience).

Full Spectrum Sexuality

It’s as simple as it sounds. This workshop talks about what is good sex, how to communicate with our partners, and in the end, how we can have that great sex that we’ve been wanting. Designed for all ages, genders, orientations and relationships statuses. We’ll talk about how sexuality is more than just activity, more than just identity, more than just communication. Touching on some of the sensational sex toys available, we’ll also talk about why lube is love, how to make communication an important part of your relationships(s), and much much more. Discussion on great ways of establishing rules and methods of communication, having the attendees share their own experiences, and having all leave with a better idea of what good sex looks like to us (and our partners!) is what this class is all about.

Fulfilling Fantasies – Role Play and Beyond

Whether you have dreams of the school girl and the naughty dean, or a police woman, a criminal and a pair of handcuffs, we all have dreams and fantasies that really turn us on. In this class, we’ll talk about the difference between fantasy and role play, how to bring some of your fantasies and erotic role plays to life, different types of fantasies that you may have never even have thought to explore, and even how to get into a role without feeling silly. Come ready to share some of your wildest dreams!

Relationship Mapping: Non-Monogamy and Poly 101

A basic training on the basic types of relationships that people have (primary, secondary and tertiary) in their lives, how we can map them, patterns to look for, and what we can get out of these maps. Also, we’ll talk about polyamory/non-monogamy – its various facets, how to get into it, and most importantly, how we can make it work when there are more than two people involved.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Identities and Intersections

Most of us have more than one identity we use for ourselves; our age, race, ability level, religion, sex, gender, orientation, height, kinks, etc. Moreover, we also have different identities depending on who we’re around. Add to that the different roles we fulfill in our communities, and sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight. How do we decide how we identify, how to we figure out other peoples’ identities, and how to we choose our roles? This class will involve much discussion and conversation about our place in our community, how to communicate our identities, and how to learn about and validate the identities of others.

Making Safer Sex Sexy

Ideal for anyone who would like to get a good idea of how to practice safer sexual activities in the sexiest way possible. Includes discussion of barriers, contraception, birth control, abstinence, where to obtain these methods, who can/should use which, how to talk to your partner(s) and your doctor, and more. Unlike many safer sex talks, this includes conversation on how to use safer sex in LGBTQ relationships, BDSM relationships, and extensive discussion on risk-awareness as it relates to actually using safer sex practices. This safer sex workshop can be geared towards youth/those under 18 as needed.

Safer Sex For Trans Folks and Their Partners

Safer sex is a very large realm, that often only covers pregnancy prevention and STIs in relation to heterosexual, cisgender PIV intercourse.  When different genders, orientations and sexual activities come into play, many people get left out of the safer sex conversation. This workshop will talk about different names we give anatomy, what materials are useful regarding safer sex with a trans partner, how to discuss safer sex, what to use in a pinch, and how safer sex can play a role in keeping yourself and you partner(s) healthy. This safer sex workshop can be geared towards youth/those under 18 as needed.

Workshops can be provided on a variety of other topics.
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