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Shanna Katz Kink Educator

BDSM Basics – Kink for Beginners

Ever wonder what all those letters stood for? Now is how you can find out! Learn about the basics of kink play, the difference between a whip, a flogger and a paddle, and what it means to be in a 24-7 relationship. Understand the differences between fantasy (like 50 Shades of Grey) and how to turn those thoughts into your own, sexy reality, and how to bring up a little kink action in the bedroom to your partner. Whether you’re looking to join the local scene, or just to add some spice into the bed room, this is a great overview for anyone. Perfect for the beginner or someone fairly novice to the scene (not for anyone advanced).

Doing It Cheap and Easy (Alt Title: Kink for Cheap)

Not everyone has the disposable income to spend on beautiful floggers, custom built furniture and hand braided rope. This workshop helps people stock their home, dungeon or bedroom with free and cheap items that are for kinky fun, yet won’t break the bank. From a penny on the wall to vet wrap to the Dollar Store, learn about ways to explore your kinky side and still have enough left over for the rest of you date.

Communicating Beyond Safewords And Ball Gags (Alt Title: Communication in a Kink Context)

Communication is key, but how DO we communicate? More importantly, how does communication change once we put it into a kink context? We’ll talk about the different styles of communication, the languages of love, types of non-verbal communication, why communcation is so important, and how to adapt communication for D/s and M/s relationships. Sure, we negotiate before we scene with someone new, but why stop the communication there? Come and increase your own skills, as well as share your experiences to help out others.

When You’re A Kinky Crip: Negotiating Disability in BDSM

Contrary to many social assumptions, people with disabilities and those who are differently abled are sexual beings. Sometimes it is hard to have a partner who is differently abled, or to be someone who is physically or mentally disabled entering a sexual relationships. Moreover, many people practice BDSM in a certain way, and have trouble changing it when they have a partner who is differently abled. This will discuss who to include ability level into pre-play negotiations, new ways to try things, and more. Open to everyone, but particularly oriented to those who are differently abled/disabled and their current/potential partners.

Three isn’t Company: Poly and Kink

It’s not like polyamory/consensual non-monogamy is easy to begin with, and now we add in a whole different dynamic of BDSM. From who is collared to whom, what different levels of relationships look like, and how we define our boundaries, this class talks about how to make poly work within kinky relationships. Open to singles, couples, groups, houses and more, we’ll share our experiences about the good and the bad, figure out what does work, and create working solutions to how to balance multiple relationships while living in the lifestyle.

Tell Me What You Want (and what you don’t) – Negotiations for Kinksters

Whether you’re new to a relationship, playing on the fly, or re-negotiating with a long standing partner, this class will talk about what is important to have in negotiations, what is less than crucial, and how to come up with what you actually want, so that you get what you want. Regardless of if you’re negotiating for a scene or for a life long relationship, skills on how to converse of your needs, wants, limits and more will serve you well throughout your time in the scene. Because really, if you can’t negotiate with the person you’re playing with, why are you playing with them? Attendees will get to practice their negotiation skills at this workshop.

Playing On The Edge: Edge Play For One and All

Edge play doesn’t always have to mean knives.  This is a workshop and discussion on everything from piercing play to knife play to fire to consensual rape role play and oh so much more. We’ll talk about negotiation, introducing the concept to partners, safety concerns, and skills.

I’ve Been Naughty and Need a Spanking (Alt Title – Spanking: From Sensual to Stern)

Lots of us have fantasies about spanking or being spanked, but aren’t quite sure how to get into it. We’ll talk about how to begin, safety tips, fun implements to use, and lots more! Spanking can be a soft, sensual and sexy act when done one way, or it can be a tough, hard to take, oh so intense punishment when done in another way. We’ll learn the differences, see on a demo bottom, and talk about different ways we can incorporate spanking into our kink play, sex lives and fantasies.

Spikey, Pokey and Ouchy – Oh My! (Alt Title: Sharp is a Sensation Too!)

Sensation play includes everything from soft and fluffy (think ticklers and honey dust) to temperature play (hot wax and ice cubes), and even sharp things (like vampire gloves and knives). Learn some of the ins and outs of sensation play, including sensual knife play, pokey things, tactile play, and much more! Ever question why people like sensation play, or been scared of knives?  This hands on workshop let’s everyone experience new things, get questions answers, and hopefully open up new facets of sexuality.

Kink and Safety Are Good Bedfellows (Alt Title: Safer Sex for Kinksters)

What does safer sex look like when you’re lighting people on fire, sticking needles in them, and using a fucking machine until they can’t walk any more? We’ll talk about the basics of safer sex (condoms, dams and gloves), but also how to incorporate safety into kink. From safewords to backup plans, talks with DMs to how to deal with when something does go wrong, this is a great class for everyone concerned with safety in kink.

Harness Your Pleasure: Strap On 101

Come learn all about the joys and pleasures of strapping it on.  Discuss the pros and cons of different kinds of harnesses (ever wonder what the difference is between a g-string and a dual strap?), learn how to properly inset cocks and dildos into the rings, and contemplate a plethora of positions.  This class is open to singles, couples and more-somes of all sexes and genders (we’ll cover pegging too, as well as using harnesses for cuckolding).  Never used a harness before? That’s fine – we’ll start with the basics. Plus, everyone will get to try on harnesses with toys over their clothes to get a feel for the different styles, as well as figure out what works best for them if they so choose.

Fulfilling Fantasies – Role Play and Beyond

Whether you have dreams of the school girl and the naughty dean, or a police woman, a criminal and a pair of handcuffs, we all have dreams and fantasies that really turn us on. In this class, we’ll talk about the difference between fantasy and role play, how to bring some of your fantasies and erotic role plays to life, different types of fantasies that you may have never even have thought to explore, and even how to get into a role without feeling silly. We’ll talk about taboos and how to play with them, as well as negotiating some more intense scenes. Come ready to share some of your wildest dreams!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Identities and Intersections

Most of us have more than one identity we use for ourselves; our age, race, ability level, religion, sex, gender, orientation, height, kinks, etc.  Just cause we’re kinky doesn’t mean that we leave our other identities at the door. Moreover, we also have different identities depending on who we’re around. Add to that the different roles we fulfill in our communities, and sometimes it’s hard to keep it all straight (or queer!). How do we decide how we identify, how to we figure out other peoples’ identities, and how to we choose our roles? This class will involve much discussion and conversation about our place in our community, how to communicate our identities, and how to learn about and validate the identities of others.

Vaginal Fisting for One and All!

This vaginal fisting workshop is incredibly popular in many communities! Fisting is one of those words that makes people say “ooooh” – sometimes in an “I’m so excited about that” way, and other times in a “you want me to put WHAT in my WHERE?” type of reaction. Learn about what fisting is, how to introduce it into your relationships, what you need to think about in regards to safety, and learn how to really understand the amazing ins and outs of vaginal fisting.

Making Safer Sex Sexy in the Dungeon

Ideal for anyone who would like to get a good idea of how to practice safer sexual activities in the sexiest way possible. Includes discussion of barriers, contraception, birth control, abstinence, where to obtain these methods, who can/should use which, how to talk to your partner(s) and your doctor, and more. Unlike many safer sex talks, this includes conversation on how to use safer sex in LGBTQ relationships, BDSM relationships, and extensive discussion on risk-awareness as it relates to actually using safer sex practices. From how to clean up after a blood scene to where to dispose of sharps containers, and how to take care of getting your sexual safety needs met, this class covers the gamut of safer sex.

Workshops can be provided on a variety of other topics.
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