Sexuality Education


When looking at workshops, classes, discussions and even at sex coaching, some people ask “what is the point of all of this?!” There are many things that can be gained from sexuality education, such as:

*Self confidence

*Increased self-awareness

*Personal growth

*Information regarding one’s own body and identity(ies)

*Skills surrounding relationships, communication, balance in life and more

*Ability to take control of one’s own sexuality

*Learning set boundaries and how to say NO

*Knowledge about safer sex practices, sexual health, annual exams and more

*Reassurance and validation

From a more academic stand point, here are some of the educational objectives Shanna strives for when teaching/presenting:

*Workshops empower attendees to believe in themselves, seek answers to their questions, and increase their own self-awareness, as well as awareness of those around them.

*Participants will be able to take an informed look at their own sexuality and identities, and see how our many identities can intersect.

*Those in attendance will have a good knowledge base regarding sexual anatomy, both from a scientific and pleasure-based view.

*Learners will have increased skills for communication and relationships, leading them to be more in touch with themselves, their partners, and even family and friends.

*Students will be able to take a proactive look at their sexual health and the safety surrounding it, as well know when to seek help, how to communicate likes and dislikes, and establish boundaries regarding their sexuality.

*Pupils attending workshops and lectures will look inward at developing personal growth; a progression including the development of their sexual self in relation to all other aspects of their identity.

Shanna offers many different classes, workshops and other opportunities for learning. Explore:

  • Coaching (Sex and relationship coaching/counseling)