Feb 102011

Below is my video review of the Njoy Pure Wand, which I personally feel is the best non-vibrating g-spot toys (and a great anal toy) on the market…and now that I own the Njoy Eleven, I love this company even more.

The toys is made of stainless steel, so it is 100% body friendly (and easy to sterilize by boiling it, dish-washing it, or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution), it’s great for temperature play (put it in a bowl of warm water or a bowl of ice water), and has helped more women to discover their G-spots than any other sex toy I know. It is amazing…plus it comes with an adorable box for storage.

Thanks to my former employers and crew for filming, editing, etc…and thanks to my breasts for looking amazing throughout this (I mean, seriously!).


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Dec 272010

The We Vibe II Vibrator

Hi. This is the We Vibe II.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people with the We-Vibe vibrator when it first came out, which is now known as the We Vibe I, since there is now a new edition, the We Vibe II. The biggest difference between the We Vibe I and We Vibe II is that the second version comes with a whole bunch of settings that are changed by pressing in a tiny button, where as the first edition just had a switch for Off, Low and High. Additionally, while the first version came with a sunglasses like case for storage, the We Vibe II has a satin bag to keep it mostly free from dusty, air particles and prying eyes.

Thank to WeVibe(and Standard Innovation, the company that makes this toy), I was given one of the newer toys to review. Sadly, it’s not the red version (because they just came out this toy in both red and teal in addition to the already popular purple color), but regardless, I was excited. When I speak with couples, this is one of the number one toys I recommend because it can be worn by the receiver during intercourse. This means that if someone with a vulva wears it, they receive both clitoral and g-spot vibrations while being penetrated by fingers, dildos or penises, and if someone with a prostate wears it anally, they can get stimulation of both the perineum and the prostate while getting anal penetration. It’s a hands free vibrator that is great for those who like a little extra buzz during penetration, and if the penetration happening is with a penis, said penis gets a little extra vibrate-y love as well!

Now, as many of you know, I love coming up with ideas for sex toys that weren’t part of the original plan. For example, one of my favorite suggested uses for the We Vibe is to charge it, turn it on low, put it on, and wear it out in public under your clothes. The second version seemed to be a little louder to me than the original, but still, once inside and muffled by clothes? You’ve got a hand free vibrator for a good few hours.  Not your cuppa tea? How about wearing it while going down on your partner so that you’re both getting action? Wearing it while in bondage for a fun tease? Using it during mutual masturbation? The list is endless!

The We Vibe II is 100% silicone, so it is body friendly, chemical free, and you can sterilize it by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Regular cleaning with soap and warm water is fine too if you’re not sharing. It is rechargeable, which I personally love, and the hole for the charger is pretty self closing, making it a great water resistant vibrator. This version has NINE vibration speeds/modes, which is awesome. The only problem I had with it was that it was pretty difficult, almost impossible to change the modes by pressing the button once it was already in someone. For the most part, you had to have them take it out, press the button to change the mode, and re-inset. This, and the increased noise level, were my only issues with the toy. Otherwise, this is one of the most fun, innovative, creative and useful vibrators out there, as despite it’s marketing towards straight couples, it can be used in various ways by people of all sexes, genders, orientations and relationship statuses. It’s fun, it’s cute, and for some, it will completely change your sex life life. Don’t forget to pair it with good quality water based lube.


Sep 032010

Here is a video review (thanks, as usual, to Fascinations, and especially to Matt) of the Je Joue G-Ki.

It’s a review of the G-Ki, which is this cool new G-spot vibrator from Je Joue that actually has two spiffy joints that bend, making it much easier to make this toy fit YOUR body and YOUR g-spot. Also, it’s a reachargeable toy, which gets a huge thumbs up from me, not only because I am eco-friendly, but also I hate having to deal with batteries, etc.

Check out the video review to see the toy and watch its awesome bendability, as well as hear my thoughts on this toy, and other G-spot superheros, like the Lelo Gigi.

Thanks again Fascinations! Enjoy the review/video (and all the fun and awkward noises I make to describe the vibrations)… Click here to get your very own G-Ki!


Aug 112010

So here we have a vibrator that is a little different than your average vibe. Why? Because it’s coooooold. It’s a vibrator that uses/is made of ice. Not even kidding — this is the Ice Vibe by Touche. It’s a silicone toy with a little traditional bullet vibrator, but the actual part that winds up vibrating against your clit, or nipples, or testicles, or penis, or wherever you decide to put it, is made of ice. Perfect toy to cool down on a hot summer day. Want to see it and hear my thoughts about it? Check out my video review.

Thanks to Fascinations for the toy, as well as our Rockstar of Awesome Matt Helm who made the video. It’s actually quite an old review, but it got lost and we just found it, and figured that since it’s summer, what better time to share the Ice Vibe with you, right?

Jul 072010

This toy is new and different and shiny, because it stands out a bit from the more “traditional” two person dildo (think Fun Factory Share or the Tantus Feeldoe). Why? It’s got these fancy schmancy adjustable angles for the two different piece, using a little silicone piece to change things up, depending on whether you like a more acute or more obtuse angle.

Like the majority of the other toys in this pretty new and pretty slim category, it’s 100% medical grade silicone. What does this mean? General cleaning can be done with soap and water, or if you want to share it (or use it anally, then vaginally), you can then sterilize it by dishwashing it (top shelf, no soap), boiling it 3-5 minutes or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Please do keep in mind that there are crevices here, making it harder to clean. Water-based lube only!

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Mantric Sysil Double-Dildo toy, and so we’ve produced a little video review for you to get a little more info on it, check it out visually, and see if it’s the right toy for you.

Thanks again to  Fascinations and the videographer Matt for the video review awesomeness, and for the toy.

Click here to get your own Sysil Mantric and begin the angling action!

-Essin’ Em

May 232010

Thanks to Matt of Fascinations for the fabulous taping of this review, and of course, to Fun Factory for the Layaspot itself.

The Layaspot is a pretty awesome and very versatile vibrator. I really like the size and shape of it, and unlike some vibrators, it’s fairly easy to hold in your hand (great if you have nerve problems, arthritis, etc).  It’s made of Elastomer, which is an awesome, phthalate free, body healthy material. I do wish it could be silicone, because then it would be sterilizable…but phthalate free is a really good start.

One of the really nice things about the Layaspot is that it can be used on lips, nipples, labia, the mons, and even under a guy’s testicles, in addition to the more traditional use of it for clitoral stimulation.  Also, the size is great in that it can be used between two bodies during intercourse, or you can let it rest up against you while your performing oral sex or fingering a partner, making this vibe great for both individual use as well as with someone else.

It doesn’t pack as much vibration as some other vibes, so if you’re a lover of the Hitachi Magic Wand, this is probably not the toy for you. However, if you’re new to vibrators, or just want a moderate amount of stimulation, this might be perfect for you!

Check out my video review above more more info, or click here to get a Layaspot!

Apr 222010

In case you’re interested, here is another one of my video reviews.

This particular video review is of the Ina by Lelo. It’s one of the first rechargable, medical grade silicone, rabbit style/dual stimulations vibrator available on the market, and I’m blown over by the beautiful design.

I’m not the biggest fan of dual stimulation toys, but my partner is, and gives it a mega thumbs up.  In fact, my partners puts it in the top three vibes that we own…and we own a lot.

It’s pretty (albeit a bit like a cactus), well designed, holds a charge for quite some time, and is definitely worth getting your paws on this Ina.

Make sure you pick up some good water based lube to go with it — it’ll significantly improve your experience with it.

Watch the video review for more of my thoughts!

Thanks again to Matt for all his help. Hope you enjoyed the video!

Want to get your own Lelo Ina?? Click here to get a purple one (also on the site in lime green and orange!)

-Essin’ Em

Mar 162010

I won’t be posting a ton of reviews on here. For that, you can always check out my toy reviews on Sexuality Happens. However, I’ve been doing some really awesome video reviews via Fascinations  so I thought I’d share some of them with you here.

In case you don’t know what these are, they are the absolutely wonderful kegel exercisers made by Fun Factory, and going by the name Smartballs. I think these are one of the best sex toys out there, I and I highly highly recommend them.

Little shout out to Fascinations  (particularly Matt) for the awesome work on the video!

Like the Smartballs? Want to know more about them? Click here to get your very own personal set of AWESOME