Aug 052013

Dr. Jenni Skyler

Dr. Jenni Skyler of Boulder, Colorado is a sex therapist and sex educator because she has a passion for helping people reclaim their sexuality, have a healthy and affirming understanding of sexuality and giving people the permission of pleasure.

Quick Facts:

• Jenni loves hiking, biking, meditating, swimming and sitting on the back deck with her husband eating dinner and watching the sunset.

• Jenni’s favorite part about being a sex therapist and sex educator is having audiences light up with “ah-ha moments”, and walk away with a whole new way of thinking about sex.

• The most difficult part is accessing difficult audiences, either because they won’t come to talks or workshops out of fear, or they come but won’t allow themselves to be open to new models of thinking about sexuality.

Jenni’s journey of becoming a sex therapist and sex educator started out in high school. She says her friends would love over with questions and want to get answers. Together, they would look up the answers in The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort. Years later, her journey continued. She initially set out to help women; her mother is an incest survivor, and has never been able to enjoy her body or her sexuality. Jenni became an educator when she started doing therapy and found herself educating clients one-on-one. She then started to branch out and do more public talks, workshops and conferences all with the larger intention of helping women heal and reclaim their bodies and their sexuality in a healthy, safe and affirming manner. She expanded to helping people of all genders when she got her PhD in Sexology.

Jenni does not set out to change people’s belief systems, but rather invite them to expand the way they think about sexuality.

Learn more or contact Dr. Jenni here.

This piece is part of a series on sex positive and/or feminist identified sex educators in the field. Click here to see all of the featured sex educators.

Jul 252013

For the second year in a row, I’ve been voted a top 100 blog (this year, 31 to be specific) about Sex & Love & Dating by First of all, I’m stoked that a site focusing on STD and STI testing even compiles such a list; frequently, people think talking about safer sex and/or getting tested is dry and boring. And second of all, I’m glad to be on the list in such great company. To see the whole list, check it out here!

Also, they loved the recent series of blog posts by my intern around having a frank conversation about STIs (check out the Intern Corner to read all 5 parts), and are offering a deal for my readers:

As an online STD testing and treatment service, we appreciate your candid discussion of sex, sexuality and relationships (love the most recent articles about STIs!). As a gift to your readers, we would like to offer a unique coupon code for $25 off all STD and HIV testing. Users can enter code SHANNAKATZ at checkout for instant savings.

Yep, so if you perhaps didn’t have insurance, or live somewhere that doesn’t have awesome free HIV testing at Prides and city fairs, then now you can have more affordable testing as well.

Thanks for the award, and let’s keep on keeping on with conversations about safer sex, STIs and more, as part of our overall conversations and about sex and pleasure.


Jul 012013

I am so excited to finally be able to release this list of sex positive professionals in Colorado!

Not a week goes by that I am not asked, either online or in person, to refer someone to a trans or queer inclusive therapist, a poly aware relationship counselor, a doctor or massage therapist that will understand about cane marks or other kink bruises, etc. While I have always been able to suggest one or two people that may fit these needs, I realized the huge need here in Colorado for an inclusive list of medical professionals, mental health workers, alternative health practitioners and other professionals (hair stylists, lawyers, tattoo artists, etc) that are knowledgeable about and willing to work with queer folks, trans* folks, kinky folks and folks in poly relationships.

With the help of my intern Rebecca, I have worked to create such a list. The goal is to be able to update it monthly as other professionals wish to be added, or move out of state, or become more aware of how to support certain communities. The list currently features professionals who have self selected to be on the list, or who advertise as or are known for supporting these communities. Moreover, it especially features professionals who offer sliding scale services, working to provide sex positive services in a more accessible manner to those who may not be able to afford full prices.

Without any further ado, let me point to you this list of fabulous Colorado professionals who identify as sex positive service providers.

If you wish to be on this list, or know someone does, please contact me with your name, your business name, contact info (address, phone, email, website), the services you provide, whether your are queer/trans/kink/poly friendly, the cost of your services, and whether or not you offer sliding scale as an option.

Jun 032013

Quarterly Issues

We are seeking visual art, poetry, and literary prose for our quarterly issues. We seek work by and for the queer/GLBTQIA community.

Yearly Erotica Issue

Once a year in the summer Wilde Magazine will publish an erotica issue. This issue will contain work of a sexual nature.

Our mission with this issue is to present queer sex separate from a heterosexual model, and free from problematic ideologies such as sexism which manage to manifest themselves in many same-sex presentations of sexuality.

All the same rules apply, except that work must qualify as sensual, sexual, or erotic.

To submit, click here.


  • The deadline for submissions for our summer issue is June 21, 2013, and we aim to release the Summer issue on July 21, 2013.
  • All submissions must be your original work.
  • Our editors will try to respond to you within a time frame of 2-3 months or less.
  • Wilde Magazine is a magazine by and for the LGBTQIA* community. While we might accept submissions from straight allies, our focus is on work from those in the queer community. Other than that, we seek a wide diversity is ethnicities, cultures, genders, religions, etc.
  • Work with sexual themes/nudity is permitted, so long as it is tasteful.
  • No simultaneous submissions or previously published work.
  • At Wilde Magazine, we want to see you succeed as an artist or writer. Therefore, if we feel your piece has potential, we will e-mail you back with suggested revisions or critique based on the opinion of our staff.
  • Make sure images are high resolution – no less than 300 dpi. Images with a lower resolution will be rejected and a higher resolution version will be requested. Please, check your work’s resolution before submitting!
  • Make sure the titles of your pieces are explicitly stated somewhere in your submission.


Wilde Magazine Publishing Rights

By submitting to Wilde Magazine, you confirm that the work submitted is original work created by you, the submitter.

You grant Wilde Magazine North American Serial Rights; therefore, following publication in Wilde Magazine, all rights revert back to you and your work may be published elsewhere and we will no longer retain copyright over it.

By submitting, you give us permission to use your name and biographical information on ours or any of our affiliated sites, and in external marketing efforts in social media. The information we use will be the name you attach to your submission and the cover letter.

Your work may be edited prior to publication, primarily copyediting for punctuation, correct spelling and grammar, and formatting.

In terms of formatting, your work may be subject to being overlaid with text for information, or even to have an overlay of poetry or prose. We seek to create an artistic composition of art and writing within the magazine.

You understand Wilde Magazine offers no monetary compensation, but as a contributor, you will receive a digital copy of the magazine.

By submitting, you confirm your understanding and agreement to these terms.

Thank you!

May 312013


Event Date:  Saturday, June 8, 2013

Contact:  Elissa Smith, 303-444-6121

BOULDER, CO – The Boulder County AIDS Project and Out Boulder are teaming up to host one of the largest LGBT and ally events in Boulder, a special benefit night of The Wizard of Oz at the Boulder Dinner Theatre, on Saturday, June 8th.

“This has been such an exciting year for the LGBT community, with the passing of civil unions in Colorado and the progress towards marriage equality across the country.  June is Pride month in Colorado, and this special night of theater comes at the perfect time to celebrate!” said Aicila Lewis, Executive Director of Out Boulder.  At the show, there will be a special acknowledgement of the couples who became parties to a civil union on May 1st, the first day that civil unions became available to gay and lesbian couples.

Like all girls her age, little Dorothy Gale of Kansas dreams of what lies over the rainbow. Come join Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and Toto as they travel the yellow brick road in search of the almighty Oz. With all your favorite songs: Over The Rainbow, Munchkinland (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead), If I Only Had A Brain, If I Only Had A Heart, We’re Off To See The Wizard (Follow The Yellow Brick Road), The Merry Old Land of Oz, and more.

Attendees on June 8th will choose from the Boulder Dinner Theatre’s expanded menu selection (including prime rib and salmon), receive complimentary beer and wine and their choice of three dessert options, and will enjoy being part of this special night for the LGBT and ally community.  Proceeds from ticket sales will be split between BCAP and Out Boulder.

Tickets are available at, and are $95 or $115 each.  Please call Elissa at BCAP at 303-444-6121 with any questions.

The Boulder Dinner Theater is located at 5501 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder.

Mar 272013

Both folks online and those attending my workshops are always asking me for an inclusive list of all of the sex toy and lubricant companies that create body friendly sex toys and lubes. I usually point them over to the Coalition Against Toxic Toys (aka,, but their list, while excellent, is much shorter than all of the companies out there producing good products. And of course, if you check out my list of Feminist and Sex Positive Toys Stores, you’ll be more likely to find good quality, body safe sex toys and lubes there.

That all being said, I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together the most inclusive list I could of body friendly sex toy companies and body safe lube companies. I’ve asked other sex educators, sexuality retailers, bloggers, etc, and together, we have created this list of companies. Now, they could certainly change their products, and I might not know, so if you have info on them producing toxic toys, just contact me. Also contact me if you know of a body friendly company that is not yet on the list, and I’ll update it. However, please note that I am trying to feature companies that are completely phthalate and other chemical free, so while some larger toys companies DO produce SOME body friendly toys, they are not listed because other toys they make are dangerous for bodies.

And with no further ado, I present to you, my list of Body Friendly Sex Toy and Lube Companies.

Mar 242013

Fabulous news – I’ve been working with to create a series of sexuality kits to help you optimize your love life with quality, body friendly toys & lubes, and excellently written sex books.  These kits make great gifts, whether to yourself, your partner, or for an event like a birthday, graduation, wedding, civil union, or other such celebration. Each contains everything you’ll need to have a truly wonderful time with toys that you know are of great quality, made by ethical companies, and will not harm your body.

You can see the whole list of kits here, or check out each individual one from this body positive luxurious toy site:

Anal 101 Kit

Captivating Cunnilingus Kit

Fabulous Fellatio Kit

G-Spot Explorations Kit

Sensual Sensations Kits

Strap On Beginner’s Kit


Mar 052013

Tiendas Amables de Juguetes Sexuales Cerca de Usted

Mucha gente me preguntan cuales tiendas recomiendo. Afortunado a todos, he recompilado una lista de tiendas fabulosas a las que los dueños son feministas o son mujueres, o donde hay una declaración de apoyar el positivismo hacia el sexo.

Esa lista de tiendas increibles con cosas seguras para su cuerpo puede encontrase aquí (sólo en Inglés).

Olvidando a alguien? Digame si olvidé una tienda positiva, y la agregaré después de investigar sus practicas. Y sí, hay un tiempo para usar Amazon, pero preferiría que usted respalde las tiendas locales de juguetes sexuales y centros de recursos para la sexualidad (y librerías locales!) en vez de un sitio tan grande. Comprará usted un consolador usando un sitio de web grande? No es tan importante. Pero comprarlo de una tienda local? Eso resultará en una inversión en una comunidad del sexo positivo. Cuál le parece más emocionate? (Creía así.)

Disfrute de la lista, y disfruten hacer la compra más informada de juguetes sexuales.


Feb 202013

Fun Factory FOU

I wanted to like the Fun Factory FOU. I really did. I mean, I love Fun Factory toys…the Smart Balls are brilliant, the Tiger dildo is one of my absolute favorites, and the Layaspot is a really awesome external vibrator.

Sadly, my adoration for the fabulous silicone sex toys made by Fun Factory ends here. As cute and adorable as the FOU is in style, it lacks in actual useability. Yes, it has lots of fancy buttons, and in addition to various speeds, it has various vibration patterns. Sounds epic, yes? However, the majority of the vibration is actually located in the base of the toy (the white part in the picture), rather in the fun silicone part that actually touches your body. Not having the majority of the vibration in the part of the toy actually doing the work? Total rookie toy move, and not something that I would expect from such an awesome toy manufacturer.

The other issue was with the design itself. Supposedly, the clitoris is supposed to fit in the small indentation in the toy. Given the various sizes, lengths, widths, sensitivities, etc of clitorises, I find this hard to believe. Even if it did fit, there wasn’t enough vibration to really do anything, but it still seems like a silly design.

I do love that it is rechargeable, and has the cool magnetic charger like the newer Macs. It’s also 100% body safe – no phthalates to be found here! Because it is 100% medical grade silicone, you should use a water based lube with it. Silicone lube will ruin the toy. Which, given its lack of awesomeness, might not be the worst thing to ever happen. *shakes head sadly*

If you are more adventurous than I, and are willing to give it another chance, head on over to Adult Sensations and get your own Fun Factory FOU vibrator. Otherwise, if you want an awesome clitoral/external vibrator, I’d say go for the Lelo Siri or even just a basic Fun Factory Layaspot.


Feb 142013

Whether you are single or partnered, who doesn’t love winning a free body friendly sex toy and a bottle of organic lube?

That’s what I thought.

Thanks to some love from Lovehoney and Sliquid, you get the chance to win your very own glass dildo and bottle of organic lube. Here’s what you can win:

The Lovehoney Sensual Glass Waver Dildo

lovehoney glass dildo

A 4 oz Bottle of Sliquid Oceanics Natural Gel

Sliquid Organics Lube

I bet you want to know how to enter. Luckily for you, there are lots of ways you can enter!

1) Leave comment on this post about why you should win. (1 entry)

2) Tweet about the giveaway. Example: “Win free swag from @sliquidllc and @lovehoney at Thanks @shanna_katz!” Leave a comment with a link to the tweet. (1 entry per day)

3. Post on Facebook about the giveaway with a link to Leave a comment with a link to the tweet. (1 entry per day)

4. Sign up to receive my monthly newsletter, the Katz Meow. Leave a comment. (1 entry)

5. Write a post on your blog about the giveaway and link to here. Leave a comment with a link to the post (5 entries)

Alrighty, the deadline for all of your entries is Midnight on Friday, March 1, 2013.

Let the games being!