Dec 182014

I’m a giver. We know this. I like to giveaway sexuality themed prizes at our monthly SexCom shows in Denver. I like to giveaway lube and free stuff at my various workshops, private AND public.

USB Vibrator

Well, now I’d like to give away a USB charging vibrator. Yep, that’s right. It’s a pocket style vibrator that charges via USB. Like on your computer (or in your car if you have the fancy car-USB charger adapter). Everyone should be able to have a discreet bullet type vibrator with them that will charge on any computer just like that. So, thanks to the amazing generosity of LoveHoney, I’m going to give away something for the holiday.

Ways to enter:

1. Comment here about why you’d like to win this items. (1 entry)

2. Tweet about this contest, including a link to this page and @shanna_katz. Comment here with the link to your post. (1 entry)

3. Post on FB about it with a link here. Comment here with the link to your post. (1 entry)

4. Post on your blog about this contest with a link here. Comment here with a link to your post (5 entries)


All comments must be posted by 11:59 PM MST on December 27, 2014. US Addresses only. Must be 18+ and willing to share your address with me and LoveHoney in order to have it shipped to you. Make sure you include your email on the comment form (will not be publicly posted).

Happy holidays and best of luck to you and yours!


Don’t want to wait? Get your very own Lovehoney Silencer 6 Function USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator right here, right now!

Feb 272014

Mark your calendars:

I”ll be on Tristan Taormino‘s Sex Out Loud radio THIS Friday the 28th at 8pmET/5pmPT (6pm MST) talking about Your Pleasure Map, sex & disability, and why sex ed should be more accessible, as well as some other fun and fabulous topics.

Click here to listen to the hour long podcast/online radio show.

Don’t worry – if you miss it, you can download it on iTunes and listen to me forever!

More info:

Feb 152014
Shanna Katz Point of Contact

Shanna Katz: Point of Contact

Some of you may remember how I was so excited a few years back (I think circa 2010?) to be involved in a new project through Pink & White called Point of Contact. The premise? New up and coming videographers were given a Flip camera, and a microbudget, with the concept of creating a four-part series of hot, new, queer porn videos. Many of the other participants decide to follow themselves having fabulously fantastic sexual times by themselves and with others; I took the challenge a little differently. While I love much of the queer porn out there, very little focuses on masturbation or self love. However, I spend a good amount of my time educating people that they SHOULD masturbate and get to know their own bodies before they try and let someone else know what turns them on. Therefore, I decided for my project, to fill four different masturbatory scenes; a queer cigender femme, two cisgender gay men in a kink relationship, a queer soft butch, and an adorable set of a cisgender queer person and a transgender woman mutually masturbating. In addition, I did a post-scene interview with each scene, because that is something I love and value about many queer porn studios, in letting people actually connect with the stars, and to allow the stars to share their identities and experiences.

Anyways, all the footage went into the vault for a while, but now? All of it is finally available on Pink Label VOD. They have now been released, along with the sets of movies from Minax, Cyd St. Vincent, James Darling and Tina Horn (OMG y’all — can you believe my name is up there with some amazing folks like that?!?!). You can read this little write up of the project here on Xbiz.

Wanna watch these awesome movies? Here is the link to all FOUR of my different scenes; choose what you like and check out all of the other folks’ work (and all of the other amazing queer, feminist, ethical and/or sex-positive films on PinkLable VOD) – note, this is 18 only!

Enjoy your exploration of self lovin’,


Oct 092013

We’re giving away 10 COPIES of Lesbian Sex Positions, by yours truly. It comes out November 19th, and you’ll be one of the first owners. Information below on how to enter!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Lesbian Sex Positions by Shanna Katz

Lesbian Sex Positions

by Shanna Katz

Giveaway ends November 19, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


Sep 222013


Want to hear me talk about everything from anatomy to sex & disability, sex education to how I ended up doing what I do? You’re in luck – check out my quick and dirty, 30-minute or so podcast with the absolutely fabulous sexologist Dr. Gloria Brame on the Gloria Brame show.

Click here to hear the podcast. It also is (or will be) on iTunes for download, for those of you who like to listen to sexual discussion while on the training, at your kids’ soccer practice, or while doing cardio at the gym (or any other time).



Sep 132013

New Mexico Supreme Court sides with Pornotopia Film Festival and Free Speech

Albuquerque, NM (September 12, 2013) – Pornotopia Film Festival won. The NM State Supreme Court decided in a 4-1 decision that The Guild Cinema & Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center have a right to host Pornotopia Film Festival. The court was clear: hosting one erotic film festival, on one weekend of the year does not make the Guild an “adult amusement establishment,” just like a club that plays jazz music once a year would not become a “jazz club.” This ruling guarantees that Self Serve and The Guild Cinema can carry out their festival without fearing that free speech will be abridged. Self Serve is already planning the next PORNOTOPIA UNCENSORED festival for November 1st, 2013.

The Pornotopia Film Festival was a well-attended film festival in Albuquerque from 2007 to 2009. As Director & Self Serve Co-Owner Matie Fricker explains, “Despite its controversy, Pornotopia has received overwhelming community support for being a festival whose aim is to change the way people see sexuality portrayed in film.” She adds, “Much like the environment at our shop Self Serve, Pornotopia featured films promoting a positive, educational and empowering erotic experience.”

In 2008, the Guild Cinema was cited with a zoning violation for showing an erotic film. Today the state’s highest court reversed that citation. In overturning the lower courts’ ruling, the Supreme Court concluded, “Because the Guild engaged in only occasional showings of adult films, the Guild is not an adult amusement establishment as defined in the Albuquerque Code of Ordinances…”

Self Serve thanks to the ACLU of New Mexico, the Guild Cinema, supportive Nob Hill neighbors and all the volunteers who helped create Pornotopia Film Festival. About Self Serve: Self Serve is a woman-owned sexuality resource center & boutique. In a culture where sex is sensationalized and unrealistically represented in the media, we offer a space that is frank, honest and friendly. Our compassionate and non-judgemental sex educators give you the space to ask the questions that make other people blush. Self Serve offers bodysafe toys, intimate lubricants, natural skin care, locally made gifts, books, dvds, classes and private events.


Contact: Molly Adler

Self Serve: 505-265-5815

Aug 192013

It’s that time of month again…no, not Shark Week. It’s time for a giveaway!

What can you win? A Deluxe Bath & Beauty Product and Sample Spice Box by Spicy Subscriptions, which includes both full size and sample items that are body friendly.

Shanna Katz Spicy Subscriptions


How do you enter?

Step One: Like Spicy Subscriptions on FB (required)

Step Two: Comment here with your favorite things about bath or shower time (required)

Step Three: Sit back and wait to win (you can also pass the time reading, showering, having sex, etc)

Simple as can be. Must enter by August 31st. Shipping to the US only, must be 18+ to win.

In case you don’t win, or want your own subscription of sexuality products coming to your mailbox every month, you can get 5% off by entering the code SHANNAKATZ at


Shanna Katz Spicy Subscriptions Discount



Aug 042013

lesbian curves cover

I love Courtney Trouble’s films overall. Speakeasy? Yes please. Seven Minutes in Heaven, her cross over lesbian/queer/girl-on-girl film? Hell yes!

So you can see how badly I wanted to review and of course love Lesbian Curves, one of her more recent films, featuring a plethora of hot, queer (lesbian, bi and queer to be specific) women with curves, aka, BBWs.

With a cast that includes well known porn stars Courtney Trouble herself, Sophia St. James, Kitty Stryker and Kelly Shibari, plus other folks I now like, such as Sandy Bottoms, Peppermint Fatty, Betty Blac and Eden Alexander, it was a great mix of women. I really really appreciated that Courtney’s vision of “plus size” women included women from the more traditionally shown size 14 and 16 to the more “super size BBW” who has just as much curves as you can imagine. Rather than getting slightly curvy women that still fit social norms, she really showcased the large diversity of plus sizes, showing off different sizes, various hair colors (including Kitty’s amazing red!) and a variety of racial backgrounds (most importantly in a non-tokenizing, non-racist way, which is hard to find in porn). This is something you find a lot in queer porn, but less so in cross over and main stream pornography, so it was refreshing to see that Courtney has held on to this important trait in her films.

As far as the film itself, I was a little disappointed. In her other films (both those she has directed and starred in), there is lots of hot, balls/ovaries to the wall queer sex. This felt a little more like it was girl-on-girl porn, frequented by straight men and baby dykes. The first scene featured Courtney Trouble and Sandy Bottoms in 50s style lingerie (adorable), matching sparkly heels (as noticed by my partner in porn-watching) and  felt like Grease XXX. The music was cute to start, but then felt a little ridiculous, like the ice cream truck should be making an appearance, rather than a dildo. It was very cute to watch, but it didn’t really get my motor going.

The next scene was Sophia St James and Peppermint Fatty. Loved Sophia’s hot action with a strap-on harness, and loved how excited Peppermint Fatty was to get that action, but again, it felt a little designed for more of a mainstream porn audience. The music was a little funky, and while some of the shots were awesome, it felt a little contrived overall. Again, a cute scene, but nothing that really got me going.

My favorite scene was the third, with Eden Alexander and Kitty Stryker. First of all, Kitty’s earrings were absolutely stunning. Yes, a ridiculously femme thing to notice, but yet, they were gorgeous. I liked the fun playfulness of their interaction, and although the off center blindfold bothered me for a moment (don’t worry, they fixed it), I though that their sex scene seemed the most authentic and least scripted. However, the playful chattiness from Eden got to be a bit much by the end, and it wound up seeming as though she was narrating the scene, rather than getting off (“I’m going to come, I’m going to come soon, I’m coming…I’m still coming…etc”).

The last scene featured Kelly Shibari and Betty Blac. They both started out with hot outfits, and while Betty’s came off, Kelly’s stayed on the whole scene (in fact, she didn’t get any action in the scene — perhaps a bit of a stone femme?). Throughout the first bit of the scene, it seemed as though Betty was a little nervous, or even scared. I don’t know if it was her first time filming porn, or her first time with a woman, but she definitely seemed a little apprehensive about being there. Granted, that made for a fun adventure when she was introduced to the Hitachi Magic Wand, and she seemed to get a little more involved and engaged as it went on.

All in all, it was a decent movie, but it wasn’t anything as exciting as I had hoped for. I think it would be a great intro film for lesbians that want some femme-on-femme, curvalicious vanilla sex, or for a mainstream porn audience that wants girl-on-girl action starting real lesbians, queer and bisexual women. For more hardcore queer porn, check out this queer porn selection at Early to Bed.

Click here to pick up a copy of Lesbian Curves for your own.

Jul 252013

For the second year in a row, I’ve been voted a top 100 blog (this year, 31 to be specific) about Sex & Love & Dating by First of all, I’m stoked that a site focusing on STD and STI testing even compiles such a list; frequently, people think talking about safer sex and/or getting tested is dry and boring. And second of all, I’m glad to be on the list in such great company. To see the whole list, check it out here!

Also, they loved the recent series of blog posts by my intern around having a frank conversation about STIs (check out the Intern Corner to read all 5 parts), and are offering a deal for my readers:

As an online STD testing and treatment service, we appreciate your candid discussion of sex, sexuality and relationships (love the most recent articles about STIs!). As a gift to your readers, we would like to offer a unique coupon code for $25 off all STD and HIV testing. Users can enter code SHANNAKATZ at checkout for instant savings.

Yep, so if you perhaps didn’t have insurance, or live somewhere that doesn’t have awesome free HIV testing at Prides and city fairs, then now you can have more affordable testing as well.

Thanks for the award, and let’s keep on keeping on with conversations about safer sex, STIs and more, as part of our overall conversations and about sex and pleasure.


Mar 242013

Fabulous news – I’ve been working with to create a series of sexuality kits to help you optimize your love life with quality, body friendly toys & lubes, and excellently written sex books.  These kits make great gifts, whether to yourself, your partner, or for an event like a birthday, graduation, wedding, civil union, or other such celebration. Each contains everything you’ll need to have a truly wonderful time with toys that you know are of great quality, made by ethical companies, and will not harm your body.

You can see the whole list of kits here, or check out each individual one from this body positive luxurious toy site:

Anal 101 Kit

Captivating Cunnilingus Kit

Fabulous Fellatio Kit

G-Spot Explorations Kit

Sensual Sensations Kits

Strap On Beginner’s Kit