May 072013

Hello all!

I will be taking one or two interns for the Summer 2013 and here is the post about it, as many have asked. Please read below, pass on to anyone you think may be interested.

Pay: Unpaid, but happy to work on getting college credit. Free toys, etc, as bonuses, as well as a reference/future letters for future employment.

Time commitment: Approximately 5-8 hours a week. Schedule is flexible.

Location: Telecommuting interns welcome. Must have access to internet, preferably Skype or at least G-chat, and/or phone. Skype or in-person (Denver) meeting required on monthly basis.

Description (these are all of the things I’m looking for — am happy to divide it more into a sex ed intern and a marketing intern, if that’s what people applying tend to want) – inclusive but not limited to:

*Work on managing/organizing social media; creating press release lists, etc

*Streamline, create and mail monthly newsletters.

*Work on creating a one sheets for my books (as well as signings, podcast interviews, etc).

*Create marketing plan for both sex education and relationship counseling parts of job.

*Contact national schools, universities, sex toy stores, dungeons, kink conferences, book stores and more regarding bookings (involves procuring contact information).

*Create pamphlets on specific activities, safer sex, communication styles, and more.

*Help to write/create posts on healthy and enjoyable anal sex, g-spot play, kink basics, understanding gender and orientation, and more for website and handouts.

*Organize demo sex toys – catalog, etc.

*Work with gaining sponsorship, raffle items and bookings for Fall semester 2013/Spring semester 2014.

*Compile resource lists (inclusive of queer, kink and poly communities) for relationship violence, sexual assault/violence, doctors, therapists, etc.

*Work on translation of posts into Spanish

*Work on offering video workshops in both English and ASL

*And more as the needs may arise.

If interested, please send your answers to the following inquiries and a writing sample (blog post, paper, press release, etc) to shannakatz at gmail dot com by May 25th.


Age (must be 18 due to nature of some content):

Social media contact info:


Language(s) spoken:

Other jobs/activities you have/participate in:

Sexuality education/experience:

Internet experience:

Marketing experience:

Why you’re interested (and what parts you’re interested in particularly):

What you could bring to this internship:

What makes you a unique applicant:

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