Aug 012012
Join a panel of amazing people in a presentation of an ethnographic, creative non-fiction, inquiry into the world of Kink, Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM). Specifically, stories of people who have a history of sexual abuse or trauma and how BDSM has affected them.

7pm, Doors open at 6:30
Pay what you can
Suggested minimum of $5

1637 28th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301

This is a staged reading of the compiled research from a survey study in 2010 entitled “Interviews on BDSM and its effect on trauma and shame.” Originally a combination of online, audio and in-person interview for a senior study at Goddard College, the compiled work is reminiscent of The Vagina Monologues, Pouring Tea, and other collected oral and written histories. In Stephen Johnson’s Everything Bad is Good for You he tells us that “when we see popular culture exploring behavior that many see as morally bankrupt, we need to remind ourselves that deviating from an ethical norm is not just an old story. In a real sense, it’s where the stories begin.” This project and reading is being done with the intent to help to break the cycle of shame and trauma, by encouraging others to provide a safe space for people to share their desires and accept who they are.

Our panel of readers includes:

Marj Hahne

Marj is a poet, writer, editor and educator. She is also the facilitator of Boulder’s Atomic Circus, an inquiry-based salon series whereby guest presenters and audience members holistically explore topics bridging the arts, humanities, sciences, social entrepreneurship, and mind/body/spirit. “I believe that the healing of sexuality/intimacy/relationship is the primary healing needed for the world. I trust implicitly Tim Murray’s vision, integrity, and intelligence/consciousness.”

Shanna Katz

As a sexuality educator and board certified sexologist, Shanna has seen first hand the prejudices towards the kink community, but also the ways that the community is welcoming of neurodiversity, sexual assault survivors and folks with disabilities. When she heard that Tim was beginning this research, she was excited to hear of someone researching the BDSM community in a unique way that would bring more understanding to certain aspects of it. She was tickled to be invited to help share his findings with the community at large in such an interesting and proactive way. For more information on Shanna’s sex education, relationship coaching and sexuality writings, please visit, friend her on FB or follow her @Shanna_Katz.

Bailey Sullivan

Bailey has been a part of the Denver BDSM community for nine years. She has performed in spanking and other bdsm oriented videos. She lives in a 24/7 Master/ slave relationship. Bailey is excited to be a part of this project and hopes it will show some very personal and intimate issues in new light. When asked if she would like to participate Bailey answered, “I’ve only read publicly in church before, that seems like perfect preparation!”


17 years of formal education and 48 years of independent investigation. Dedicated to the art of living playfully. He has been consciously engaged with the issues presented in this project through experience and circumstance since he was 9 — “I am excited to be apart of this project as we grow through sharing and collaboration and explore the nature of being human.”

Omy Golden

“I have been interested in sex positivity as long as I’ve been interested in sex, pretty much my whole life. Specifically with kink and BDSM, I believe that playing with power dynamics in a consensual, intentional space can help make me become a more fully realized human being. As the current board president of the Center for Sex Positive Culture here in Colorado, I am deeply interested in any project which helps to reduce shame and increase people’s access to their sexual and creative potentials. A Kink in the Cure explores both of these topics and more, which is why I am deeply humbled and incredibly excited to be a part of this project.”

Tim Murray

The author of A Kink in the Cure. Tim recently completed his BA at Goddard College where he focused on researching the practice of BDSM to help individuals cope with, process and heal prior trauma. A sex-positive activist, Tim served on the board of directors for the Center for Sex Positive Community, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and is an educator/consultant in the filed of Inclusion and Diversity.

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