Jul 262012

Hey Coloradans;

I’m going to be on a sex educator filled panel after the August 11th panel of Peg-Ass-Us, a pegging performance art piece.

The description:

Peg-ass-us is a melt-your-heart sweet, get-you-wet sexy, pee-your-pants funny burlesque love story. A charmingly mismatched, real-life couple use puppets, sing-a-longs, and comedy to guide audiences through the “ins-and-outs” of pegging, explore the connections between sexuality and identity, and deliver the sexual education everyone deserves.

Peg-ass-us was originally conceived at the Boulder Fringe, when two theater artists from opposite coasts met and discovered their shared passion for adventurous original theater, among, um… other things. For four years, the show has toured the nation, spicing up festivals and tickling budding minds at Yale, Brown and Bard. Along the way, it won “Best Comedy” at the San Francisco Fringe, received the blessing of sex educators, and inspired awesome conversation, plus who-knows-what-else.

In addition to the performance, there will be a Q&A after the show, and it includes local sex & sexuality educators/activists, so that audiences get to ask their questions and know where to go for more info.

work|space at The Laundry on Lawrence
August 9th-11th, 8:00pm
2701 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80205
Tickets $12

I would love to see you there to enjoy the performance and participate in the panel on the 11th, or if you cannot make it on that date, perhaps another of the date.

Hope to enjoying the pegging performance with you!


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