Sep 062011

Have you heard of Kink Academy

or their sister site,

They are amazing education sites for folks around the world to get accessible and affordable education around sexuality. Kink Academy is more focused on kinky fun, while Passionate U talks about sexuality from a more mainstream light, but both are incredible. They feature clips from educators around the world, teaching their sexuality classes to you, regardless of whether you’re near by a hopping dungeon or rocking sex positive space. Wanna learn how to throw a single tail? Done. Wanna get some blow job basic? Done. Interested in gender 101 or the intersection of sex and disability? That is there too! Over a hundred educators (myself included) are excited to help you explore the spectrum that is sexuality.

Why am I pumping this up? Well, first of all, they are an awesome set of sites, and I’m happy to promote them. And second of all, I’m giving a FREE month of membership away to one of these two sites (winner’s choice) at the end of this contest.

How do you enter?

Must be 18 plus. Comment before by September 20th, 2011 (with a valid email please, so I can get ahold of the winner) with why YOU think it is important to have accessible sex education. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, a poem, a picture, but tell us why sex education is important to you, your community, etc.  Winner will get ONE MONTH FREE on their choice of either PassionateU or Kink Academy.

Time to try and win!


  One Response to “Kink Academy and Passionate U Contest!”

  1. Having gone from living in a large city with easily accessible sex resources to a state in the Bible belt where abstinence-only ‘education’ is the norm, the answers are clearly visible. Teen pregnancy rates are astronomical, STIs are commonplace, women are ashamed of their sexuality (and those that aren’t are ostracized as hussies and tramps) and men are all viewed as walking penises that apparently are only capable of thinking about ‘gettin’ it’. Is this the case for everyone here? Of course not (though I’ve found that, by and large, the individuals that don’t think this way tend to be from outside of the area) but it is the majority.

    I have also noticed that those that walk outside of the hetero-normative, gender binary tend to be treated as lesser in areas where sex ed is taught as abstinence-only, likely a byproduct of those same antiquated, reckless and misguided education systems.

    Sex education is crucial to a healthy, thriving, accepting community by empowering and educating the individuals within it.

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