Jun 272011

Today is National HIV Testing Day. It is estimated that one in five folks living with HIV is not yet aware of that yet, and that 40% of people aren’t diagnosed until symptoms have progressed to AIDS.

HIV testing is cheap (and often free, especially if you go to a local clinic/non-profit), quick and confidential. Why wouldn’t you want to know your status? Knowledge is power, and knowing your status (as well as the status of your partner/partners) gives you power over your own sexual health and wellness.

So why not hop over to your local Planned Parenthood, STI clinic, HIV/AIDS outreach group, or Doctor’s office, and get yourself tested today…or tomorrow…or any time in the near future. Give yourself more power.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be an “icky” experience. If you are partnered, make it a date. Go get tested together, and then grab some ice cream, or check out a movie, or go for a walk. If you’re going on your own, celebrate taking charge of your sexual wellness after testing by treating yourself to a cupcake, or a dip in a pool.

HIV is not a death sentence, but you cannot manage it if you don’t know that you have it. Be good to yourself, to your current, past and future partners, and take the step to gain the knowledge and the power of knowing your status.

Happy National HIV Testing Day!


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