Jan 142011

A good friend of mine and fellow sex educator is researching the process of certification in the field of sex education, and wants to learn about people’s feelings, opinions and experiences with the certification process, whether they’ve been certified, etc. If you identify as a sex educator, I encourage you to take this survey to help create positive change in our community.

Hi Folks,

I’m trying help delineate what future applicants to the field should know about process of obtaining professional certification.  While requirements for sexuality educator certification such as work hours, SAR exposure, or participation in trainings are quite clearly laid out, there seems to exist a group of activities that could disqualify applicants from obtaining certification.  Anecdotes are abound of individuals who have been denied certification due to past experiences with  sex coaching, sex work, porn performances, independent sex education workshops, etc.  I want to put to rest these rumors and rely on facts.

I am a passionate advocate for quality sexuality education but I personally believe we need and wish to hear your thoughts on your decision to become a sexuality educator, what professional decisions were made, how you have felt with organizations and such.

I wish to help future educators who desire to become certified, know the qualifications and disqualifications to certification and so, I have created this survey.

It is my belief that open dialogue leads to better choices; I think that public discourse on what professionalism does and doesn’t look like in the field of sexuality education will make sexuality educators and the future of sex education stronger and more respectable professional society in the public eyes.

If you could please forward this to survey to sexuality educators, it would be deeply appreciated.  This survey will close on the 28th of this month and so I hope to have a respectful amount of answers in which I can include for further discussion.   Rest assured, your identities will be unregistered so I will not know who wrote what.


Thank you so much for your help-

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